A Mask for All Occasions

A Mask for All Occasions achievement in WoW WotLK can only be completed during the Hallow’s End seasonal event. In order to complete it you’ll have to collect 24 masks.

A Mask for All Occasions quick guide and tips

So where can we find those masks? They can be found in Handful of Treats, with a small chance. They can also be found in Crudely Wrapped Gifts, a reward for completing Smash the Pumpkin quest. You can only complete It once a day however. So, our main object of farming will be Handful of Treats. You can find it in Candy Buckets located in most of the Inn’s. Basically, you’ll have to visit a lot of Inn’s and loot Candy Buckets and hope you’ll get the missing masks for you’re a Mask for All Occasion achievement

A Mask for All Occasions boost, how it works

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A Mask For All Occasions


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