Herald of the Titans

Herald of the Titans in WoW WotLK is a raiding achievement, 10-man Ulduar one to be exact. It requires you to defeat Algalon the Observer while using the equipment with the maximum item level of 226 (for armor) and 232 (for weapons). As a reward for completing it you’ll get the Herald of the Titans title.

Herald of the Titans quick guide

To be honest, there is not much to say about this achievement. Algalon is kind of a unique boss. Holy paladins are strong on this boss but we recommend not to bring 2 pala’s, bring diverse healer composition. Ranged DPS are doing better than melee on this fight so keep that in mind. One last thing to consider – this achievement becomes harder and harder with every new patch, since the overall gear and item level of your average raider will increase, and at some point, it will be nearly impossible to find someone with 226 item level gear.

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Herald of the Titans


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