Betrayer of Humanity

Betrayer of Humanity is a BiS 2-handed axe in WoW WotLK Classic Phase 1 for most classes. Farming this item requires a professional raiding group. Furthermore, it may take you ages to loot it.

If you play with random groups, there’s no guarantee that the boss will be generous enough to offer you this item upon his death on the 1 attempt. But even if he will – there’re always 24/25 characters pretending.

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Betrayer of Humanity Drop rate:

  • Betrayer of Humanity drop rate is 8,09%
  • It drops from the last boss in Naxxramas – Kel’Thuzad
  • Requires 25-man raid difficulty


  • Deals 606-910 damage per 1 hit
  • Attack speed – 3,4 seconds
  • Increases agility on 66 skills, stamina – on 121
  • Requires level 80 on your WoW WotLK character
  • Gains 87 critical strike rating, 57 haste and 226 attack power to its owner
Betrayer of Humanity


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Betrayer of Humanity
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