Wrath of the Lich King Classic Items

World of Warcraft Classic Wrath of the Lich King Items become available for characters with 68+ levels that moved to the Northrend locations. By completing quests and farming experience, gamers collect WotLK Items they can sell or exchange on gold coins. These rewards are widely used in the game to:

  • Raid preparation – farming materials are ingredients for elixirs and potions that boost character stats and make him useful during the raid run. Gamers with profession skill are able to create armor and trinkets of epic quality, like Darkmoon Card: Greatness to sell it at the auction house. Every champion with these rewards deals more profit in any PvE game activity.
  • Leveling – players can buy heirloom WotLK Classic Items to receive more experience after defeating enemies and completing quests. The bonus cap is +20%. It reaches from the heirloom shoulders and head. However, a secret heirloom ring is available after winning the fishing derby tournament.
  • Gold farming – materials are in demand among players. These Wrath of the Lich King Items allow gamers to achieve higher profession rank, cross various gear combinations, and sell them to other characters for gold. Rare items have higher prices because of the low drop chance.

WotLK Classic Item Level

Item Level is the primary indicator of reward rarity. For WoW Classic WotLK expansion, this index varies from 1 to 284. It’s also important to check the item’s quality. Sometimes higher gear score rewards have worse stats than lower ilvl items of the epic rate.

Players can turn on the possibility to track gear score in the game interface or install TacoTip addon to scan characters nearby. It’s a must-have feature for raid and guild leaders. With a higher total ilvl, you have better chances to join the group.

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