Deadliest Catch

Deadliest Catch is a fishing achievement in WoW WotLK. This achievement requires you to fish up Gahz’ranka boss in Zul’Gurub using Mudskunk Lure. Sounds easy but there’s a catch.

Deadliest Catch achievement quick guide and explanation

As we mentioned above, you need to use Mudskunk Lure. You can purchase it from Nat Pagle but you’ll have to complete a quest first. You’ll have to go to Zul’Gurub and find Nat’s Measuring tape. Once that part is done, find Nat in Dustwallow Marsh and he’ll sell you the Lure. After that, get back to Zul’Gurub and find the right place to fish for Ghaz’ranka.

Useful information:

  • Nat Pagle does not give the quest to find Measuring tape. You need to find a quest starting item inside Zul’Gurub first
  • There are a lot of elite fishes in the water near the summoning place, they apply -75% armor debuff so you need to be careful with those
  • You’ll need 5 Zulian Mudskuns to summon Ghaz’ranka. Look for Muddy Churning Water pools
  • To summon the boss you’ll need to get back to the place where you found Measuring tape and click on Mudskunk lure

Deadliest Catch achievement is not solo friendly, you’ll need a group for it for sure. Plus, Deadliest Catch is one of the criteria for Accomplished Angler ultimate fishing achievement, so if you are a fisherman, you’ll definitely want to get it done. Luckily PlayCarry can offer you a helping hand in the form of our Deadliest Catch achievement boost. We’ll do all of the farming and fishing for you.

Deadliest Catch


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