Explore Kalimdor

Explore Kalimdor achievement in WoW WotLK requires you to explore all the zones in Kalimdor continent. Explore Kalimdor achievement is a part of World Explorer achievement which will reward you with the Explorer title.

Explore Kalimdor quick guide and tips

As we already mentioned, you’ll have to explore all the zones, all of them. Quiraji infested Silithus and the World-tree Teldrassil. Yes, even if you are playing Horde. Wastelands of Desolace and homenald of Taurens, Mulgore. Even if you are on Alliance’s side.

But sneaking into enemy controlled locations is not the hardest part of the Explore Kalimdor achievement. You will have to do the actual exploring inside the zones, finding and revealing all covered areas of the world map. For example, Bloodmyst Isle zone has 28 of them.

No flying mounts are available in Azeroth in WotLK as well, you’ll have to do all of that using your ground mounts. So you’re in for some running.

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Explore Kalimdor


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Explore Kalimdor
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