Defenseless achievement in WoW WotLK is a dungeon challenge, Violet Hold Heroic to be exact. In order to complete this achievement, you’ll have to slay Cyanigosa, final boss, without using Control Crystals and with Prison Seal untouched, at 100%. And all of that on Heroic difficulty.

Let’s be honest, Violet Hold is one of the worst dungeons in WoW WotLK. It’s boring, long and offers a random loot with a random boss’s rotation. But Defenseless achievement is a part of Glory of the Hero challenge, so if you are after Reins of the Red Proto-Drake, you’ll have to do it.

But what if you don’t want to go through all the struggle with the random pug groups or don’t have anyone to help you out with it? Well now you have, with our Defenseless achievement carry we’ll get you a group of professional boosters to do this pesky achievement and get one step closer to your Red Proto-Drake mount. Act now and get your Defenseless achievement done today.



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