Bloody Rare

Bloody Rare achievement in Wow WotLK requires you to find and kill extremely rare and hard to find NPC’s in Outland. And you’ll better believe that these mobs are Bloody Rare indeed. You’ll have to find and slay 20 of them all across Outlands.

Bloody Rare achievement quick guide and tips

NPCScan and other similar addons will be your best friends for this one. Also /tar “npcname” macro. Other than that, you’ll have to rely on luck. Other players will most likely kill them on sight so not only you’ll need to find the NPC, no one else should.

Nothing else to add to this, just pick a zone, it will have at least 2 of the rares, and fly around searching for them. Or you can get our Bloody Rare achievement boost and we’ll do that for you. One of our professional boosters will hunt down and kill all 20 of them in a quickest of time. 100% safe and reliable boost awaits you, act now and get your Bloody Rare achievement done today.

Bloody Rare


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Bloody Rare
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