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WotLK reputation boosting service is a great opportunity for players to increase the Wrath of the Lich King rep level. We can help you boost any level of reputation with any faction of the game without any inconvenience as soon as possible.

Every WotLK faction is available for boost on Playcarry. We’re ready to help you with unlocking factional rewards on honored, revered or exalted reputation levels.

Why do Players Choose Playcarry?

Reputation farming in World of Warcraft Classic WotLK expansion requires lots of effort. Players can achieve honored or revered rank while leveling a character. But what if it’s not enough for your goals?

Playcarry team offers you to boost rep rank with any WotLK faction effortlessly. We provide carry services on Alliance and Horde sides. So, there’s no point in spending over 90 hours on a routine grind since now you can Buy WotLK Reputation Boost and get it done within the shortest time possible.

How to Order Carry Services?

We offer boosting for a variety of WotLK reputations. It is entirely up to you which faction you want to get exalted. Here are some comprehensive steps following which the players could order boosting services;

  1. Select the WotLK reputation you want to boost.
  2. Add numerous factions from the list of all WotLK rep boosting.
  3. Get to the checkout page for order completion.
  4. Our manager will instantly contact you to complete your order.
  5. Schedule your Lich King Reputation to carry, and you will be ready to start.
  6. Get the rep leveled up by our team.
  7. Relax and enjoy the rewards you get from the boost.

What is Reputation in WotLK, and how does it Work?

You will not be able to enjoy Wrath of the Lich King expansion as much if you haven’t made any friends or enemies with the members of various faction groups. Reputation is gained through killing a faction’s enemies and completing the quests to help or assist a particular group.

Killing members of any particular faction results in the reduction of reputation or rep. Wotlk reputation boost is a good source of weapons, professional items, gear, and other items such as toys and companion pets. WotLK is the ability that enables you to raise the attitude level of any faction as fast as you can.

How is Reputation Boost Beneficial?

Reputation boosting services enable the players to get unique and brilliant rewards from different friendly factions of the game. Although some of these factions are pretty hostile initially and want you to complete various quests and tasks along with killing thousands of mobs before they even talk to you, it is still quite beneficial.

Reputations are good sources of weapons, professional items, gear, and other items such as toys and companion pets. A gain in reputation adds to the thrill of the game, and with a little boost, you can achieve various benefits that will make the game more fun.

Reputation Mounts

Reputation mounts in WotLK are available only on the highest rep level – exalted. These rewards have only cosmetic effects. All of them are criteria for WoW collection achievements.

Furthermore, these mounts show other players that you’ve reached a decent rank with specific factions. The average price on WotLK rep mount is 1900 gold. Some of them require Cold Weather Flying skill.

WoTLK Release Notes and Date

Wrath of Lich King Classic was released on September 26, 2022. The pre-patch arrived on weekly reset on August 30, 2022. Some of the new features or expansions of the game include;

  • The level cap increased to 80.
  • Dual talent specialization
  • Death Knight class (Starts at level 55)
  • Achievements
  • Northrend continent opens with 11 new zones
  • Several new raids
  • Inscription profession added.

How We Care about Security?

Our WotLK Reputation carry services are secure as we care about your online safety and security while playing your favorite game. We are professionals who will ensure that you spend most of your time on more fun and exciting things and activities in the game.

You only have to trust us, and we will surely provide you with the most secure World of Warcraft Classic Wrath of the Lich King services you have ever seen.


What is the fastest way to increase reputation in WotLK?

The fastest way to boost reputation in WotLK expansion is dungeon runs. Players must achieve friendly rank with the faction they want to increase reputation with and purchase a tabard from their quartermaster. Once this is done, run through heroic dungeons and slay mobs.

How long does it take to reach exalted?

The average time for reaching an exalted rank in Wrath of the Lich King is 8 days. However, it completely depends on the faction. So, it can take 4-28 days.


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