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    Full WOTLK Arena Gear
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WotLK gear boosting is a service every player might be interested in because of the benefits it gives for WoW characters. Buying these services you will receive BiS PvE and PvP gear for your class and spec in the shortest time possible.

The journey through Wrath of the Lich King Classic locations just begins once you hit level 80, since now you have another task before entering an endgame content – gearing. Without decent equipment players won’t be able to complete such challenging activities as: raids, heroic dungeons, high-rated arena. So you should be ready to spend over 20 hours on preparing your Wrath of the Lich King character or simply buy WotLK gear boosting and skip grinding with the services we provide.

At this stage you have 2 options: the first one is to spend over 20 dull hours grinding to get your character appropriately geared. The second one is to delegate this activity to us.

Why Choose Playcarry?

Our team has already completed over 2000 gear carries in Wrath of the Lich King and other WoW Classic expansions. Here’re the most popular services we provide:

  • WotLK Honor Gear – first step to start PvP battles. Our boosters will farm the required amount of battlegrounds to equip a character.
  • WotLK Dungeon Gear – is a must-have service for newbie PvE heroes. We’ll boost you through instances in normal and heroic difficulties.
  • WotLK Arena Gear – the best in slot and the hardest to obtain PvP gear in WoW Wrath of the Lich King game.
  • WotLK Item Level Boost – your character will receive the required gear score.

How to order carry services?

First of all, a player should understand what kind of service he needs. There are lots of activities in WotLK and each of them requires different gear with specific stats. So before you make a purchase we recommend to:

  1. Select the best WotLK gearing service for your World of Warcraft character;
  2. Choose the most appropriate options;
  3. Add service to cart and fill in more info about your boost;
  4. Make a purchase and enjoy your carry!

Please be sure that you’ve written additional information about specialization and stats you need on your character.

How to Gear Up in WoTLK?

It’s impractical to obtain a decent item level in WotLK Classic without farming. So here’s a small guide on how players can boost characters’ gear:

  1. Professions – the best possibility to create starting gear for the late game. Heroes gather materials during leveling in Northrend. They can use these reagents to craft their first equipment of rare and epic quality.
  2. Reputation – works almost similarly to professions. Gamers obtain high reputation ranks with some factions while trying to reach a WotLK level cap. It gives champions a possibility to buy gear from quartermasters.
  3. Battlegrounds and arena – PvP matches are also useful during gearing. We recommend you to complete at least daily quests (even if you’re not a fan of this kind of activity) to receive most of the benefits;
  4. Dungeons – great places to collect items. Players can farm these zones until they get the whole list of items, because there’s no lockout for normal dungeons (just hourly cooldown). We highly recommend to complete all heroic dungeons also, since it drops better armor pieces and badges.
  5. Raids – the hardest PvE zones in WotLK WoW with the best equipment. It requires groups of 10 or 25 heroes and has a weekly cooldown. Raiding gear is the most valuable in WotLK Classic, since every boss drops just 2-4 items.

There’re lots of ways to farm items for any tasks in World of Warcraft, but all of them require much effort, time or good group to queue with. PlayCarry offers you to solve these 3 problems and get your gear hassle-free with our team. Make the right choice and reach a better game experience with our services!

Items Levels in WotLK

Item level in WotLK (or gear score) – is an indicator of the gear quality. It helps gamers to understand how good their equipment is. For example, while leveling you receive items of 122-155 ilvl, in dungeons you farm 187-200 ilvl rewards and in raids – 213+ ilvl. In earlier WotLK patches item levels are not the same high, as in the late patches. So with every new season heroes need to boost armor and weapons again.

You won’t be able to join a good group without decent items’ levels or achievements. That’s why we recommend to take part in every WotLK activity and farm gear step-by-step.

How We Care about Security

PlayCarry prioritizes security of your account during piloted WotLK gearing service. Our boosters use a private VPN connection to make it look like you’re logging into your character and playing the game normally.
We will never speak as your character or in private messages alike. We try our best to guarantee 100% account protection from the start to finish of our boosting services.

The fastest way to Gear up in WotLK Classic

The WotLK WoW expansion was first released in 2008. It is the reason why old-school gamers know how to increase gear score fast.

What if you’re a WotLK Classic beginner?

Here’re some advice to yield the best results during your journey:

  1. Join a guild – Play in a group with the same people to build up teamwork and use a voice chat to synchronize actions.
  2. Avoid raids with poorly geared characters – Take a look at raiding achievements and item level before boss fights.
  3. Use alchemy and food benefits – These increase main stats that are useful.
  4. Combine activities – Don’t avoid PvP and PvE fights. This lets you farm specific currency for finishing daily (or weekly) quests and purchase equipment of epic quality.
  5. Buy a boost – Leave the routine gearing part to professional WotLK Classic gamers and get it done within hours.


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