Darkmoon Card: Greatness

Darkmoon Card: Greatness is the first epic trinket players can farm with Inscription profession in 1 phase of WoW WotLK Classic expansion. This item has impressive stats for 200 ilvl, even during the following patches. For most of the classes it is a BiS trinket, so that it will be on demand up till the release of ICC raid.

How to get Darkmoon Card: Greatness?

  • First, you must create a Nobles Deck with 7 cards to pick up a quest
  • Wait till the Darkmoon Faire event becomes available once you’ve started this task
  • Move in and complete the quest to get your reward

Sounds relatively easy, but you’ll need thousands of gold or inscription materials to get all the necessary deck parts. There’s just a 14% chance of creating the right one, and each attempt requires lots of mats.

Darkmoon Card Greatness


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Darkmoon Card: Greatness
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