The quickest way to complete this Classic WotLK dungeon is with an Azjol Nerub boost. Located in Dragonblight, this dungeon is a massive underground basin that takes up half of Northrend’s size. People who wish to clear Azjol Nerub for questing and loot will find our service great for saving time.

  • Step into Normal mode with a level as low as 67
  • HC Mode for Level 80 Players
  • Earn potential crafting reagents, equipment, and recipes
  • Quest completion for Death to the Traitor King and Don’t Forget the Eggs
  • Earn XP
  • Earn Achievements

Loot and Bosses in WotLK Azjol-Nerub Dungeon

Azjol-Nerub drops from ilvl 155 gear to necessary crafting reagents, our boosting service will aid you in downing all three bosses this dungeon has to offer.

Let’s recap what bosses we’re talking about:

  • Krik’thir the Gatewatcher, the first boss players will face in the dungeon, is famous for the voice line “This kingdom belongs to the Scourge! Only the dead may enter!”
  • Hadronox, the second boss players face, and a terrifyingly large spider.
  • Anub’arak is the final boss players face in this instance. Famous for the voice line “Come forth, my brethren! Feast on their flesh!”

WotLK Heroic Azjol-Nerub Boost

Azjol-Nerub becomes available in Heroic mode as of level 80. Featuring iLvL 200 gear and an abundance of new achievements, our carry will satisfy your time and prevent unnecessary stress from PUGs and LFG.

  • Three new boss achievements in HC Mode: Watch Him Die, Hadronox Denied, and Gotta Go!
  • iLvL 200 Gear
  • Frozen Orb crafting reagent (required for every crafter)


Where is Azjol-Nerub?

The entrance to Azjol-Nerub is located in Dragonblight, a zone of Northrend. The coordinates are 25.41, 51.49. You’re more than welcome to leave your character at the entrance to speed up your boosting service!

What level can I enter Azjol-Nerub?

Players can enter with a level as low as 67. Level 70-72 is recommended to farm more effortless experience.

How to buy WotLK Azjol-Nerub Boost?

This service is one of many boosting services we offer!

  • Select normal or heroic mode
  • Checkout after filling all required information out
  • Use our live chat to contact our manager
  • We will schedule or start your carry ASAP
  • Enjoy all the perks and rewards!

Where to buy WotLK Azjol-Nerub Carry?

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