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Platinum Badge Apex Legends

Platinum badge is a ranked Apex Legends reward that requires players to reach 10,000 league points during the rated season. This item brings only a visual effect for gamers. At the same time, it has great value among players who try themselves in ranked matches.

Apex Diamond Badges Boosting

Players use boosting service to farm Platinum Badges in Apex Legends without any hassle. This service allows gamers to achieve the necessary rank and receive the rewards in the shortest possible time. Our team guarantees the fastest service delivery with all the safety measures. This ensures the protection of the client’s account and personal data during order execution.


  • Self Play – this option allows the client to take part in ranked matches together with our boosters. Engage in epic battles and defeat opponents together with professional PlayCarry gamers.
  • Account 50 level – a champion can join the ranked queue if he reaches the 50th level. It is required for providing Plat Apex Badge Carry. Choose this option if you have a lower level.
  • Specific Legend – client chooses the character that our professionals will play.

Apex Platinum (Plat) Badge – seems like an impossible task for beginner legends. But even a rookie can easily achieve this trophy playing in a team with experienced Predator boosters.

Platinum Badge
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Platinum Badge Apex Legends
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