Argent Crusade

The Argent Crusade is a holy warrior organization founded by merging the Order of the Silver Hand in Lordaeron with the Argent Dawn. Don’t let yourself get burned out of bored of the reputation grind. At PlayCarry, we offer our WotLK Classic Argent Crusade reputation farm to boost your status quickly!

  • Some pre-raid gear from Exalted status
  • Pattern: Brilliant Spellthread
  • Earn up to exalted
  • Arcanum of the Stalwart Protector, a less powerful version of Arcanum of the Savage Gladiator, but available at only honored status rather than exalted with
  • Vanguard
  • Design: Guardian’s Twilight Opal
  • Achievements

How to earn Argent Crusade rep in WotLK?

Although our service is the fastest way to earn a reputation with Argent Crusade in WotLK Classic, our customers may be interested in less efficient methods. While this may be suitable, we can guarantee that it is time-consuming and takes much longer than our farm. Many quests are scattered around Northrend for you to fulfill to get the reputation. Completing these quests will yield reputation gains. Additionally, there are, of course, dailies available for more rep.

What is the Argent Crusade in Classic WotLK?

The Argent Crusade, a global organization with a neutral standing, is neither a political group nor its member’s desire to become one. Their cause is to battle every aspect of evil that appears in Azeroth promptly and viciously. To that aim, they refer to the Alliance and Horde as partners who fight against corruption; They recruit from all races without distinction.

What is our Argent Crusade reputation boost for WotLK?

This boost is a reputation farming service offered on our store page. This is a piloted carry.

  • Please select the level of reputation you desire our booster to reach on your behalf
  • Check your product out and fill out all required information accurately
  • Reach out to a manager on our live chat to schedule a convenient time for your service to be performed
  • A top player will log onto your character and grind the reputation “Argent Crusade” for you
  • Our manager will reach back out to you after the service has been completed
  • Log back in and enjoy!


Where to buy Argent Crusade Tabard?

Players can buy the Argent Crusade Tabard from the quartermaster of the faction. Having the Argent Crusade Tabard allows players to earn additional rep.

Where is the Argent Crusade Quartermaster in Wrath?

The location of this factions quartermaster is in the Argent Crusade Camp in Icecrown, coordinates 87.4 75.5.

How to get the recipe for Brilliant Spellthread in WotLK Classic?

This recipe is only obtainable by reaching Exalted with the Argent Crusade Faction.

Argent Crusade


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