WOTLK DK Leveling 55-80 Boost

WOTLK expansion introduced new Hero class – Death Knight. And of course, everyone will want to play it. And who can blame them? Death Knight were quite fun back in WOTLK times, and quite unique in comparison to other classes, and to Death Knights that we have in Shadowlands, in fact. But in order to start having fun with your Death Knight you will have to level it up first. Death Knight leveling begins with starting quest line that can be quite tedious, especially if you’ve done it before, especially if you’ve done it before a lot of times. And of course, after that you’ll have to grind your way up to level 80. Or we can do all of that for you, just leave it to one of our professional boosters, we’ll get your Death Knight to level 80 in no time, without using any exploits or 3rd party software.

ETA for the boost is 10-12 days.

Everything earned during leveling stays on your account. Gold, blue or epic items, consumables, etc.

WOTLK DK Leveling 55-80 rewards:

  1. Your Death Knight leveled up to level 80
  2. Bunch of gold earned during the leveling
  3. Some Blue / Green gear to start your endgame journey
Wotlk DK Leveling 55-80 Boost


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