Skip the resource grinding of leveling professions with our WotLK Classic Cooking Power leveling service! This profession is essential for every and all players. Farming crafting reagents and meat/herbs can be tedious. Let our team of dedicated, highly-skilled players do it for you!

Leveling cooking to 450 with our service will:

  • Craft feasts, food, and drinks, for your group
  • Lots of new recipes
  • Achievements
  • Level up to 450 Cooking Skill

In Classic Wrath, we will level Cooking through the quickest means imaginable. Our service will turn your character into a master chef without requiring any of your gold.

What is cooking in WotLK Classic?

When you learn Cooking, you also learn Basic Campfire, which allows you to make a tiny cooking fire that lasts 5 minutes and costs no reagents. You can also use the various fixed fire sources available in almost every town and cities, such as stoves, fireplaces, braziers, cooking pots, or bonfires. A stationary cooking device is frequently found near Cooking Trainers or inns.

What is our Cooking Power leveling service in WotLK Classic?

There are two ways to level up your cooking skill in WotLK. The first is for those new to this trade, while the second is for experienced cooks with a TBC skill level of 375. Choose the best solution for you. A dedicated and highly skilled team member will hand farm all requirements.

While piloting your character, they will:

  • Fully level your WotLK Cooking Skill
  • You keep all crafted items
  • Use no gold
  • Hand farm everything

Just scroll back up if needed and add the service to your cart! It’s as simple as:

  1. Create your order
  2. Reach out to our live chat to contact a manager who will schedule a time for us to start
  3. Your service starts
  4. All done!


How to craft Fish Feast in WotLK Classic?

This feast can be crafted by those who have leveled the cooking profession to a skill level of 450 (Max level). It is learnable at any cooking trainer in Northrend.

Is cooking good in WotLK?

Cooking is an easy and solid profession for those looking to assist their guild raids or turn quick profits. At the start of classic, the prices of mats will be high, so you’ll see gains quickly if farming is your thing!



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