Alchemy in WotLK Classic is a solid choice for players looking to make quick profits. With the ability to craft raid consumables and transmute materials, you’ll want to max it out as soon as possible. Our WotLK Classic Alchemy Power leveling provides you with all 450 points required to max the trade skill out.

  • Increase alchemy skill up to 450
  • New recipe unlocks
  • Flask of the North access
  • Achievements
  • Craft potion, elixirs, and flasks
  • Mixology passive

What is Alchemy in WotLK Classic?

The Alchemy profession allows players to transform different materials (mainly herbs) into potions, flasks, and other consumables. Furthermore, Alchemy provides for the transformation of some elements into others. Alchemy necessitates the collection of ingredients by another profession, most often herbalism.

What changed for Alchemy in WotLK?

There are a few differences between WotLK alchemy and TBC/Classic. Northrend Alchemy Research is unlocked at skill level 400 and begins the process of discovering new recipes.

Alchemists may brew the most recent potions, elixirs, and flasks, as well as Endless Healing Potion, Endless Mana Potion, and Flask of the North.

Additionally, you now have access to BoP trinkets that double as Philosopher stones.

The three trinkets are:

  • Mercurial Alchemist Stone
  • Indestructible Alchemist Stone
  • Mighty Alchemist Stone

Mixology is a new passive attribute that boosts the effectiveness and duration of flasks and elixirs created by the Alchemist for their use.

How our Alchemy Profession Boost works

Whether you’re just starting or finishing up the last few points, PlayCarry has you covered. Our top players will hand farm and level your character’s alchemy profession. There will be no use of bots or third-party programs, ever. We value trust, integrity, and efficiency; our team of highly skilled players is ready to start, are you?

  • Fully leveled to 450 points
  • Access to raid consumables and flasks
  • Hand leveled, always

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Is WotLK Classic Alchemy good?

This profession is one of the best a player can choose. Too many pros outweigh the tiny number of cons. With the help of our profession Power leveling service, you’ll understand why it’s one of the best!

How to get Flask of the North?

This flask is available at 425 of WotLK Alchemy. It can be learned from any trainer in Northrend. The minimum required level is 65, making it a powerful utility while leveling.



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