Destiny 2 Raid Carry is the best way to complete this PvE activity and receive desired rewards. PlayCarry boosting teams consist of professional D2 players who work 24/7 and carry dozens raids each week on PC, XBOX and PlayStation. We offer sherpa and recovery boosts of all available Destiny 2 raids, so feel free to reach us and buy best destiny 2 carry service.

Raids in Destiny 2 are considered the end-game PvE activity. It has a weekly reset on Tuesday, so a lot of gamers participate and carry raids to receive rewards every week. There are different reasons for D2 gamers to consider purchasing a boost, and most of them are appearing because of the mechanics:

  • Having well-coordinated and skillful teammates is essential and determines if there will be a win in this game at all. Matchmaking is not available for raids, so players need to create a team by themselves or use Fireteams. Communication and strategizing are really important, and finding decent players randomly is difficult and not always possible with the first try. Don’t waste your precious time on wiping or learning all tactics with PUGs, jump in with a professional PlayCarry boosting team and get it done fast and easily!
  • Some of the best PvE weapons and their catalysts can only be obtained in D2 raids, with tiring and boring farming. Our boosters will gladly receive any item for your guardian!
  • Completing raids in Destiny 2 can take up to a few hours. Don’t feel like spending that much time, but the rewards are tempting? No problem, Piloted mode boosts work just fine, so let our boosters do a carry in this game while you relax and receive the loot!
  • Despite good rewards, Normal mode Destiny 2 raids may be considered more like a training before Hard mode. It includes more challenging tasks such as extra targets, hard to kill enemies, impossibility to resurrect teammates during carry, etc. Power level for items dropped in Hard Mode is higher than in Normal Mode, and it drops some unique weapon and armor pieces. Our boosters know tactics for any Destiny 2 raid and are ready to share them! Please note, that if you want to order a Destiny 2 Hard mode boost for any guardian, you also need to complete a Normal carry, since the game won’t let you in without it.

Popular Destiny 2 Raids for Boosting

Many players buy our Destiny 2 Raids boost each week. Besides having services for all Normal and Hard mode D2 raids, we also listed all Triumphs, Seals and items obtainable there. If there is something specific you’d like to order for your guardian- contact the managers in the live-chat to receive free professional consultation and create a perfect boost.

Here is the list of the most popular Destiny 2 boosts from PlayCarry boosting site:

King’s Fall

King’s Fall was firstly introduced in Destiny, and added to D2 recently, in the Season of Plunder, with Oryx’s Dreadnaught as the final boss. Even starting is hard: to open it, guardians are obligated to carry 12 relics of the old kingdom and bring them back to the hall. The hard part is that the relics can only be lifted and laid when 2 players pick them at the same time.

After the entry, it only gets harder. First, players need to jump on the ship platforms in the correct order, otherwise they can’t access the next part. The next step is opening the door, which requires the team to divide and complete 6 types of tasks, until every guardian has done them all and killed the appearing boss. There are many options to wipe the whole team and doom everyone to try again at that point. The big and dark maze is hidden behind that door, and it is really easy to get lost there without knowing the tactics. Kill the boss after that and move forward. Then comes another puzzle, where guardians have to climb the wall with obstacles and kill one more boss. After all of that, the team is finally ready to face the King and kill him.

Overall, this raid was a favorite in the Destiny community, and became an example for most of the them in future seasons. It requires a lot of communication and knowing all the tactics, which is hard to achieve with PUGs. Our boosters are ready to show you all the tactics in King’s Fall so you could do it in the future and guide players by yourself!

Master King’s Fall

King’s Fall is not the easiest challenge, and Master mode makes it even more challenging. There are unstoppable enemies, all the mobs are significantly stronger, some have shields, etc. Of course, the rewards after an encounter like this are much stronger. There is a chance of Adept weapon drop, and all the guardians receive the Kingslayer title. Interested in the best possible PvE prizes? Master King’s Fall is the perfect D2 service for you!

Vow of the Disciple

Vow of the Disciple from the Witch Queen season is also an interesting challenge. Unique mechanic of this raid is collecting 27 of symbols and using them correctly to defeat bosses. The carry can’t be done without all the teammates collecting them.

The first boss encounter is complex and is impossible to defeat without knowing the right tactics and positioning for each of your teammates. The next boss fight is a little easier, but it depends on correct stuns and debuff control, which can only be done with constant communication. Next encounter is rather unique- the team has to reach the boss before the timer goes off and a curse kills everyone. Timer is only 1 minute and 15 seconds, so it’s not the easiest task. The last boss, Rhulk, creates a shield and a deadly weapon, which needs to be destroyed so he could be slayed.

Vow of the Discipline is not the easiest Destiny 2 raid, and it can take a lot of time to complete with an unskilled team. Contact us in the live-chat and book your perfect VotD carry as soon as possible!

Vault of Glass

Vault of Glass was the first ever raid in Destiny. Overall it’s not extremely hard, but still takes some time to master all of the phases.
To start, guardians need to divide and create a Vex Spire, with the constant distraction- mobs will attack each part of a group. Then comes the first boss- a hydra, which has 3 stages to kill. Coordination will be the key to defeat it. After killing this boss, guardians have to reach the next boss without getting noticed by his minions, since they cause a wipe. Atheon is the last encounter, and the teammates have to be careful and pay attention to teleportations and debuffs to survive all phases and win.

The impact of the teamplay is really high. Buy your first raid boost in Destiny 2 and see our perfectly skilled teammates in work!

Master Vault of Glass

Mastered version of Vault of Glass is much more difficult, the recommended power level here goes up to 1350. Rewards are decent: Timelost weapon, which is as powerful as Adept and has an additional perk. Complete Master Vault of Glass carry and receive it for your guardian!

Deep Stone Crypt

Deep Stone Crypt was added in Beyond Light expansion. This whole raid is about taking a specific role and acting it out during each of 4 encounters. Important roles like Operator and Scanner take part in each phase, so make sure to give them to guardians who know what they are doing.

Completing a Destiny 2 raid like Deep Stone Crypt is much easier with PlayCarry boosting team that willingly takes all the roles and completes the hard work.

Last Wish

Last Wish is the hardcore raid, close to original Destiny game raids, Leviathan, etc. It is relatively long and may take a few weeks to prepare for a beginning D2 player. There are 7 encounters, requiring constant attention and discussing all the actions with your teammates.For example, the second-to-last boss, Riven of a Thousand Voices, opens eyes randomly, and the teammates need to kill it and continue the carry. There also are a bunch of symbols the whole team needs to remember and recognize during the battles.

Sounds too problematic and complex? Not a problem for our team of D2 boosters! They can easily carry Last Wish on any difficulty and help you receive any needed reward!

Garden of Salvation

Garden of Salvation is shorter than the other raids, but it doesn’t make it an easy one. There are overall 4 encounters, which, as always, require concentration and knowing tactics nicely. There are boss fights, puzzles, running, wiping mechanics, and every other thing to make it as hard as possible.

Garden of Salvation is one of the most popular Destiny 2 services on our site. Many players purchase it for multiple guardians, so don’t miss the opportunity and try this carry by yourself!

Each Destiny 2 carry has the set of additional options on its page, here is the brief description of the most frequently occurring ones:

  1. Piloted or Self play carry.
    This option defines the whole carry process, so choose carefully. Piloted boost is also called recovery, and basically means that the booster logs in to your account and takes control on the needed guardian. He completes the needed task and gives it back to you with all the rewards. This is a cheaper option and it works good for hard tasks, like Hard mode raids, especially for beginners.
    Self play, which also is called sherpa, is a good choice for skilled Destiny 2 players that are completely sure they can complete any tasks and just need a good skilled team. PlayCarry boosts are a good way to save some time on looking for teammates- just pick Self play boost and we are ready!
  2. Full Destiny 2 raid runs are a popular option, but we offer only last boss kill as well. Pick this option if you are interested in a specific item from a certain boss! Also, it is possible to only pick a Challenge completion, because it doesn’t require killing all the bosses.
  3. PlayCarry loves its customers, so discounts and sales are granted for purchasing multiple services! Buy Destiny 2 Raid run for 2 or more guardians and receive 10%+ off the full price!
  4. Current light level affects the price, since low light level makes completing D2 raids significantly harder. For example, having 1580 and more will result in the cheapest possible run.
  5. Weekly game challenges are different for each raid, and require more coordination and skill, since it is difficult to adhere to certain conditions. Add this option to receive additional rewards from your Destiny 2 boost!
  6. Secret chest is a pleasant addition for everything that you get from the run. They are hidden in every location, and our boosters know every spot!
  7. Express option is going to move your guardian in the beginning of the boosting queue. Pick it to start Destiny 2 raid carry as fast as possible.

Destiny 2 Raid Carry Report

Raid Report is a site that shows your current progress and score in Destiny 2 raids in the current season. There are different ways to receive more points: flawless runs without a single death of the teammates, or a carry with a smaller amount of teammates, like 2 or 3, or even a solo run. Performing well in the raids also results in your score.

Those results are important if you are planning to continue your career as a skilled PvE gamer and want to be in the beginning of the ladder. Most of the D2 players in fireteams will check your score before inviting you to a party for hard tasks like Master or Flawless runs. Want to increase your Raid Report score? Let us know in the live chat and we’ll set up a perfect boost!

Buy all Destiny 2 Raids Boost on your Guardian

Destiny 2 Raid boosts are a popular kind of service. It is simple and fast to start a service like this in PlayCarry:

  1. Select the needed raid, triumph or a seal from our Raid service page. If you can’t see the needed service on the site, don’t worry! Ask the managers in the live chat to create a custom order.
  2. Your order will be booked in the nearest slot.
  3. Let operators know the information of your account so the boost could be started. We only need the name of your character to start a self play carry, and login and password to start a piloted carry.
  4. Wait until the boost is done, or participate in a run, if it’s self play.
  5. Enjoy the results!

Here are some of the examples of Destiny 2 raid services. Here you can compare the price, ETA, and the amount of teammates that is usually required to finish a certain boost.

RaidPriceETAThe amount of teammates
Deep Stone Crypt16$1-3 hours2-5
Vault of Glass16$1-3 hours2-5
King’s Fall19$1-4 hours3-5
Garden of Salvation15$2 hours2-5

You can buy Destiny 2 Raid boost for your guardian on our site. Experience best destiny 2 raid carry services and obtain any needed reward with our professional team! Feel free to write in the live chat and ask about the nearest available slot for any raid carry.


Can I get a carry through Destiny 2 raid?

Sure, PlayCarry boosters complete carries in Destiny 2 daily. Check available listings on our site and place an order, or ask our operators in the live chat to receive help! We are ready to carry any class: titans, hunters and warlocks.

Is destiny 2 raiding boosting service legit?

All self play carry services in Destiny 2 are totally legit: basically, you just pay for a skilled team that completes a run with you. Bungie doesn’t agree with piloted boosts though, and states that recovery carries are ban-risky, but actually ban waves are something that happens rarely. Also, our boosters use VPN to make all D2 services more secure.

When does the new raid release Destiny 2?

The last added raid was in the Season of Plunder (King’s Fall), and the next Season of the Seraph will only add a Dungeon. It is possible that the new one will be added during the next D2 season, or later.

How to unlock leviathan raid Destiny 2?

Unlocking the Leviathan is quite a simple task. The Leviathan Returns quest is the only thing that needs to be done. Accept this quest and find the needed artifact and explore Leviathan!

What is the easiest raid in Destiny 2?

Speaking from our experience, the easiest raid in Destiny 2 is Vault of Glass. It has been around for a long time and it doesn’t have a lot of encounters. Many D2 players started their way in raids from Vault of Glass, so they pick it as the easiest one.

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