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Popular Trials of Osiris Boosting Services in Destiny 2

Trials of Osiris boosting is a highly-demanded and popular service among PlayCarry customers. Prizes for finishing Trials are individual each week, but they’re always precious: meta PvP or PvE armor and weapons, cosmetics, resources, and more! Carrying Trials of Osiris run and making it Flawless weekly is an incredibly tough task. It would be a challenge to most D2 players but not for PlayCarry boosters. Purchase a carry now, and enjoy your prizes this week!

Trials of Osiris is a kind of activity only available on the weekend. During the whole week, many Destiny 2 players are training and preparing to enter the battlefield and participate in pinnacle PvP matches. Most of them have pre-made fireteams, which is certainly a good thing for winning every round. Don’t have a perfect team yet, but the rewards of this season look tempting? No problem, we’ve got your back! Contact us in the chat to receive professional consultation on Trials carry and try one!

Keeping the guardian in good shape is a must for every Destiny 2 player. Each season brings new meta armor and having it makes playing overall more accessible and more pleasant. All players on the PvP ladder farm the best items extremely fast. Also, the higher your Light level is, the lower are the prices of our services! Most D2 services include the option which makes the trials carry cost lower to gamers with a certain Light level. However, despite armor and skill, PlayCarry is always ready to provide our clients with the best prices and conditions. Contact us and start your first perfect Trials of Osiris carry.

On PlayCarry D2 boosting store, players can find different services bound to Trials of Osiris, available on all platforms: PC, XBOX, PlayStation, and Stadia. Completing a Flawless carry, farming any gear or weapon, even in Adept version, and many more! Creating any custom order related to Trials carry is easily possible as well. If you need some particular item or service, live-chat support is 24/7 online. Even our managers have decent experience in Destiny 2, so make sure to receive answers to any of your questions.

Trials of Osiris grant various types of rewards. During our numerous orders and boosts, we’ve met a lot of different players, but most of the questions and demands are the same. Destiny 2 services listed below are the most wanted ones, which our boosters gladly perform every week.

Trials of Osiris Flawless

The most popular service from the whole Destiny 2 category, and we know exactly why. Completing Trials of Osiris Flawless carry is a very challenging task- it requires the team to win 7 times in a row without a single loss. Even though 1 round lasts only 90 seconds, outstanding all the enemies each time is extremely difficult, and even impossible without good communication with the teammates. Knowing the map and strategy is a must, it takes more time to revive after each death, and players can’t carry some ammunition types between rounds- those and other reasons make finishing Trials of Osiris Flawless really hard. But why are so many players interested in purchasing a carry service like this?

  • Even though Trials are PvP activity, completing them gives the best PvE Heavy weapons as well – Reed’s Regret. Flawless Carry grants the Adept version of every obtainable weapon, which changes weekly.
  • Players that achieved Flawless in Trials of Osiris obtain access to the Lighthouse. This is a unique hub with the best Destiny 2 players, where they can loot a special chest. Those chests give valuable prizes , like Ascended shards, modes, high level gear, and Adept weapons. It is possible to make your guardian’s ammunition glow to show off to all the other players.
  • Finding good fireteam teammates after a Flawless Trials carry is much easier. Completing it results in matchmaking with gamers that also finished it, who usually are super skilled players. Playing with our boosters will help you receive new unique experiences and start practicing with the best players from your server. You’ll learn positioning, tactics and mechanics to farm quick and easy wins, which may prompt your way as a decent Destiny 2 PvP player.

We know every player is unique, so there are various additional options to customize Trials of Osiris Flawless boost. Here is a brief description to make your choice easier!

  1. The boost price depends on your current Light level. It is essential since the presence of good gear affects the gaming process a lot. For example, having 1580+ level is the cheapest way to receive Trials of Osiris Flawless boost service, and 1570 and less may cost more. Please, select the correct option to receive the best experience! Upgrading your gear before starting is also possible because our boosters offer various power leveling services to prepare guardians.
  2. Worried about prices depending on the guardian’s Light level? We are ready to offer sales on multiple carries. Pick 2 or 3 guardians from you or your friends, and receive sweet discounts on your carry.
  3. Passages are purchasable tickets from Saint-14, and the most valuable one is Passage of Confidence. Obtaining it without Flawless Trials of Osiris is impossible, but once you own it- an additional item from Flawless chest is guaranteed. It will also add Confidence Is High Triumph, which is necessary to receive Trials Flawless Seal.
  4. Saint-14 also sells Trials of Osiris bounties, which are Daily, Weekly, and Additional bonus tasks that are rewarded with XP, Trials Tokens, and Valor points. For example, one of the bounties is completing Trials of Osiris with all teammates using Shotguns. PlayCarry boosters have experience with all known tasks, so pick this option to guarantee completion with professionals.
  5. Pinnacle gear is the highest level gear in Destiny 2. Since Trials of Osiris is an arduous activity, it also grants this armor. Winning 50 rounds will 100% reward you with a weapon or gear like that, so pick this option to increase the amount of loot even more. Even though 50 wins seems like a lot, but not for PlayCarry teams! 50 wins is an undoubtedly good practice of Trials of Osiris carries.
  6. Claiming Lighthouse rewards is free. Basically, the boosters loot all the prizes from chests instead of you. Select this with the Piloted carry to make teammates finish everything fully.
  7. Express is a standard option with many boost services. Use this to start as fast as possible!

Trials of Osiris Armor

There is a whole armor set obtainable from Trials of Osiris, it is called Atavist Idol Set. Atavist Idol Set is suitable for all three guardians classes : Warlocks, Hunters, and Titans. This gear set is powerful and recognizable in Destiny 2 community because the only way to obtain it is farming it in Trials of Osiris. Our boosting team has an excellent knowledge of the best way to get a complete set or certain items since it was introduced (season of the Haunted). There are options for purchasing any item separately: Helmet, Arms, Chest, Legs, or a Class item. All materials grinded during the boost remain with your guardian, so it’s also a good way to receive some materials.

Completing the whole Atavist Idol Set with our team is the fastest possible way, so don’t hesitate! Start the Trials of Osiris Armor boost now and receive it within a few resets. The only requirement for this boost is 1571+ Light level. Skill isn’t required because boosters can easily do it in Piloted mode.

Trials Flawless Seal

Destiny 2 players who have earned Flawless Triumphs Seal can truly call themselves PvP legends. Completing it requires a lot of time and struggle since it consists of many complex missions in Trials of Osiris. There are 6 obtainable Triumph, which seems complicated, but not for our boosting teams. Only starting your way in receiving Flawless Seal? Boosters can easily carry all needed Trials of Osiris missions. Missing just one of the Triumph that looks difficult to get? Select just the needed one to boost it cheaply and quickly.

Here is a short reminder of every Triumph and how to get it from Trials of Osiris:

  1. The first Triumph, Trials of Osiris: Veteran Disciple, is achieved after collecting the full Atavist Idol Set and 6 possible weapons. Rewards rotate each week, so as soon as we start, as fast it’s completed! Carrying it is relatively easy for our boosters, so just let us know when you are ready to start!
  2. Confidence is High is a Triumph obtained for finishing Flawless Trials of Osiris with the Passage of Confidence. Players can purchase it with our Flawless Trials of Osiris boost.
  3. Safe Harbor Triumph basically obliges players to help a teammate to access the Lighthouse for the first time. For those purposes, our boosters have additional accounts with characters that have never been to Lighthouse, so it won’t take long either!
  4. Guardian of the Lighthouse is also a difficult Triumph to get. A Destiny 2 gamer must complete Flawless Trials of Osiris (7 wins in a row), and 3 more wins after that. It is supposed to be done during 1 weekend and done again if there was any loss while completing it. So 10 Trials of Osiris win-streak, which is a challenging task, that our boosters perform weekly!
  5. This is the Way is a Triumph that takes the longest time to complete. It obligates Destiny 2 players to complete Flawless Trials of Osiris Carry on each of 4 maps during 1 season. Maps rotate each weekend, so if you have never done Flawless Trials of Osiris before, it will take 4 weeks to finish. Looks like a lot, but many other boosts can be done during that time, so pick the other exciting options to maximize the profit from our carries!

Buy D2 Trials Carries to Boost your Guardian

Some players in Destiny 2 community are wondering why Trials of Osiris paid services became so popular? Some reasons are mostly common in many cases. Both skilled and beginning players are contacting our managers every day, and here are the most common reasons for gamers to consider purchasing Trials of Osiris boost:

  1. The most difficult thing is finding a team. Fireteams and matchmaking can’t guarantee that your teammates are good and ready to complete difficult tasks. Even skilled gamers with great experience spend a lot of time looking for decent teams every week. Weak unskilled teammates are a waste of time, and the fact that Trials of Osiris are only available during weekends makes it even worse. PlayCarry boosters will complete any Trials of Osiris carry, save you some time, and grant unique experience!
  2. Players need to complete certain steps to receive the access to Trials of Osiris. It also takes time and mostly consists of routine boring tasks. Can’t bring yourself together to complete it every week? Using Piloted mode, our boosters can gladly fulfill those steps for you and let you enjoy the Trials of Osiris fully!
  3. Experience is essential in Destiny 2, because getting used to aiming, positioning, and tactics affect every game aspect. What is the best way to become a skilled PvP player? Observing our professional D2 boosters and seeing them doing different tasks over and over again. Buy your first Trials of Osiris boost and obtain priceless experience for your class!
    There are many reasons to try Trials of Osiris Carry by yourself, and we will make sure to satisfy you. Trials of Osiris services have many reviews on Trustpilot, where you can check it anytime!

How we boost in Trials of Osiris

Professional PvP boosters from PlayCarry live off completing lots and lots Trials of Osiris carries each weekend. Starting from Destiny 2 House of Wolves season, they trained and gained significant knowledge on finishing each map, bounty, and passage in Trials of Osiris. Besides this, our Destiny 2 paid services have many other advantages.

Pro-gamers staff Every member of our crew, from the chat operator to CEO are skilled gamers, not only in Destiny 2. Most of us have started as boosters many years ago, to create a strong trustworthy community.
24/7 online support Unlike many other boosting services, the speed of answer in the live chat on PlayCarry is up to 20 seconds. Even on busy days, operators care about every customer and answer any question immediately.
Our own team Many of the boosting sites on the market are just resellers, who work with players which are not responsible for customers’ accounts. In PlayCarry, our boosting teams consist of gamers who pass difficult tests and tasks to start working here.
Services quality It doesn’t matter what boost players choose and which options they add, the boosters finish it efficiently in no-time. Whether it is Trials of Osiris Flawless carry, or Flawless Triumphs Seal, or any other service- we treat it equally great!
Account security Personal data of every customer is always safe and locked in PlayCarry. The only reason for us to have your account info is the Piloted boost, during which all precautions are taken by the boosters.

Overall, different players choose our services for their own reasons, and we appreciate each and every customer. Check our Trustpilot to see real reviews from gamers that worked with us, and genuinely enjoyed the provided Trials of Osiris services!

Trials of Osiris Carry Options

Even though Trials of Osiris services are variable, some options are common and repeat in almost every page. For example, the Express option moves your order to the beginning of the queue. It is a helpful thing to purchase if you need a long-term boost, like Flawless Triumphs Seal carries, and the season is over soon. Trials of Osiris services have big queues right before the reset, so consider Express to take part in a carry before Trials are locked.

There also are 2 mutually exclusive possibilities for each service: Sherpa boosts and Recovery carry. Here is the explanation of the differences between those 2 services:

Sherpa Trials of Osiris Boosting

Sherpa is basically a self playing paid service. Beginning Destiny 2 gamers can purchase this option to receive some skill from PlayCarry boosting teammates. Easy services, like single Trials of Osiris wins, are finished without big D2 knowledge, so boosters will gladly complete it by your side and show you some mechanics. Hard tasks, like Flawless Trials of Osiris boost, require some experience of the class and tactics, to guarantee the results. If you are a skilled player looking for a decent team to carry everything fast- this option is for you. Doubt your skills or do not want to spend time preparing for a boost? Recovery carry is recommended in that case.

Recovery Trials Carries

Recovery carries mean piloted boosts or account sharing. The booster logs in your account to perform some complex services, like 10 wins in a row on Trials of Osiris to farm one of the Triumphs for Flawless Triumphs Seal. This option saves your time and money, since finishing any boost service by themselves is much easier for our boosters. They work in teams, where cooperation is perfect and mastered, that’s why the price of recovery carries is cheaper.

What about account safety? This is the thing we care mostly about! We use a personal VPN for each order, and the boosters know all the steps to prevent flagging and earning Bungie’s attention!

Still doubting about what to start with? Let’s go to the live-chat, managers will gladly help you decide. Describe what exactly your goals are, and they’ll create a perfect boost for you! Scared of account sharing? We are a legit reputative service with many good reviews, feel free to check it before the start! Or consider self play boost and let’s play together! Want something more than we offer? Check the other additional options and receive more Trials of Osiris carries cheaper!

Option Price ETA
x2 Guardians +90% 4 hours
x3 Guardians +180% 6 hours
Express +25% 60 minutes
Streaming +10% 30 minutes

Rewards from Destiny 2 Trials Boosting

After the Season 4 of Destiny 2, Bungie made some significant differences in the mechanics of Trials of Osiris, which made it the most rewarded activity in the whole game. Not only do players receive many awards after completing it, Flawless carry brings Adept items, which are the best possible weapon in D2. Some examples of differently valuable prizes are listed below:

Reward Value rank Difficulty level
The Inquisitor 65% 40%
Reed’s Regret 80% 95%
Atavistic Idol Arms 85% 70%
Gilded Flawless Triumph Seal 100% 100%

How to unlock Trials of Osiris?

There are some certain steps to unlock Trials of Osiris and dive in completely. Here is the complete instruction:

  1. Owning the last Destiny 2 expansion is a must, nothing works without it.
  2. The longest part - Trials Access quest. In order to complete it, players need to reach the soft cap of the season, defeat 50 other characters in PvP Elimination mode and reach Crucible rank 15. It requires some PvP grinding in different modes, except Survival.
  3. Purchase Trials of Osiris Passage from Saint-14.

Those are boring tasks to some players, and we’re ready to help with them! Tell the operators in live chat that you are interested in skipping Trials of Osiris unlocking, and they’ll set everything up.

When does Trials of Osiris start and end?

Trials of Osiris are available each weekend, starting at 1:00 PM EST on Friday, and ending at 1:00 PM on Tuesday. With our help, you won't miss the start of the Trials, our boosters can remind you about it when it’s time to log out.

What is the map for Trials of Osiris?

Trials of Osiris map rotate each week. There are 10+ maps, players can check the current one on Bungie’s website. Knowing tactics on every map is difficult, but you can be sure that our boosters are skilled enough!

How to play Trials of Osiris?

Trials of Osiris is a high-end PvP content in Destiny 2, so players need to be prepared to start. Each round takes 90 seconds, during which gamers are fighting 3v3. Winning 7 times in a row grants Flawless rewards and many other bonuses. Consider purchasing Flawless Trials of Osiris boost service to max out your guardian!

How much for Trials Flawless Carry?

Price of Flawless Trials of Osiris is variable because of 2 factors: what is your guardian’s Light level and which goals you desire to achieve. For example, buying options during Flawless Trials of Osiris carry changes the cost. Buying a boost for 2 or more characters grants players individual discounts. To calculate the cost for any service correctly, write the operators in the live chat!

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