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Abyss Defiant

Abyss Defiant is a Legendary Auto Rifle in Destiny 2 Lightfall that players can obtain for completing Crota’s End raid. To increase drop rate, Guardians must complete all encounters and participate in killing every boss. In addition, in all locations of the raid there are hidden chests, which gamers can find and collect to increase the chance of dropping the desired weapon. It is very powerful in the new Season of the Witch and scores very high for PvP and PvE activities. Its Archetype is called “High-Impact Frame” and it allows you to increase the damage of the cannon while decreasing its rate of fire. Despite this, if the weapon is moved smoothly and carefully, its marksmanship will be increased many times over. This allows you to not only safely mop up raids, dungeons, and other PvE activities, but also keep your distance in Trials of Osiris and Crucible.

The Legendary Auto Rifle ranks at the top of the most popular guns in Season of the Witch, with the Crota’s End raid making an appearance. This is for good reason, as the cannon has many unique and potentially powerful God Rolls. The God Roll is the best possible combination of perks that players can craft or obtain randomly. The gun can be crafted, allowing players to come up with different perk combinations for certain activities or quests. Below is a list of the most popular God Rolls for Abyss Defiant in Destiny 2 Lightfall:

  • Reconstruction + Target Lock – is one of the most popular PvE perk combinations for Auto Rifle in the game. It can only be accessed from weapon level 10, but has incredible destructive power.The perks allow you to automatically reload 10% of your ammo every 4 seconds after ceasing fire.In addition to this, the magazine can be expanded by 100% with a small chance.In addition to this, the longer the Guardian keeps his sights on the enemy, the more damage the cannon does.These bonuses are incredibly useful in any activity and do not require knowledge of complex mechanics or intentional player intervention.
  • Heal Clip + Incandescent – PvE God Roll for Auto Rifle, available from weapon level 7. This allows it to be used in between before gaining max level.It allows the gamer and his allies to gain Cure after a reach for 5.4 seconds.Also, hitting the target spreads the scorch to nearby enemies.The kill radius depends on the power of the enemies, ensuring devastating power and a quick sweep of even the most difficult activities and locations.
  • Outlaw + Sword Logic – is a universal perk combination that players use all over the world. It reduces reload speed and increases damage after finishing hits. The player is guaranteed to receive bonuses for every kill, so there is no need to worry about synergy or execution mechanics. These traits look good on Auto Rifle and complement its high performance with additional damage.
  • Zen Moment + Kill Clip – PvP God Roll, which guarantees high performance and high damage in any competitive activity. Dealing damage with this weapon is guaranteed to reduce recoil, aim shake and increase the Guardian’s resistance. In addition, after reloading, the weapon’s damage will be increased by 25% for 5 seconds, which is very important for Auto Rifles and other rapid-fire weapons.

Abyss Defiant is one of the best weapons in Destiny 2 Crota’s End raid that players can get at any time.Right now, Guardians are using it everywhere in every PvP and PvE activity.This is due to the versatility and overall power of the cannon in various game situations.It can be a reliable companion in raids, dungeons, and Grandmaster Nightfall Strikes, as well as being a huge problem for your opponents in Trials of Osiris and competitive Crucible.After getting 5 copies of the cannon, gamers will be able to unlock it in Enclave, Mars and start leveling at any point to unlock the right perks for a personal god roll. PlayCarry team is always ready to help players in this difficult endeavor. Join us now and get the best loot in Crota’s End, Destiny 2 Lightfall raid!


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  1. 1780+ power level;
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