LIghtfall is a new Destiny 2 game expansion with power level boosting and a new location, Neptune. Players now have a new Strand subclass with its own aspects and fragments to set-up builds. Also, gamers were pleased with the new ranking system, allowing to open additional triumphs and show their level of skill. In the Season of Defiance, which ends May 22, there are significantly more activities, passing which players can get pinnacle engrams. Due to this, gamers are easier to get high cap loot.

Despite the fact that there are more rewards in Destiny 2 Lightfall, passing raids and nightfall became many times more difficult even with the highest power level. This is due to the fact that end game content is penalized at 5 to 20 power levels. This method of complicating content allows Guardians to feel the challenge of completing raids and dungeons on high difficulty. Thanks to Strand – a new subclass in D2 and its mobile abilities, PvP activities have become much more diverse. The season trailer announced the beginning of the fight against the “Witness” – the main antagonist of the Destiny 2 universe.

Destiny 2 Lightfall boosting and carry services is the best way to quickly succeed in PvP and PvE activities. Players who purchase the annual pass will immediately receive the benefits of the pre-order, access to the dungeons of seasons 21 and 23, as well as their inventory will immediately be exotic weapon Quicksilver Storm, Ghost and Legendary Emblem. Owners of Destiny 2: Lightfall Collector’s Edition will be sent a set with a unique Pouka Replica figurine, in-game lore books, a letter from Zavala, and many goodies.

Lightfall Destiny 2 Paid Services Price

Paid boosting services in Destiny 2 Lightfall at PlayCarry appeared at the lowest price since the first days of the expansion release. Carry services can be pre-ordered before the release of D2 Lightfall on our website with a 10% discount. There are plenty of carry and boosting offers for Destiny 2 Guardians. If you play D2 with the Lightfall expansion, we can offer the following services:

  1. Weekly activities – every week D2 players after 1800 power level can pump only pinnacle rewards. In the Lightfall expansion there are significantly more. Gamers can get up to 20 pinnacle rewards from +1 to +3 power level for $219.
  2. Destiny 2 Lightfall company – Guardians face difficulties in passing the company. Thanks to it you can pass the soft cap as quickly as possible and get the exotic gear. Along with this, gamers will have access to upgrades up to the 6th rank. Price for the service is $19.
  3. Root Of Nightmares raid carry – defeating the final boss Nezarec is no easy task. To make it easier for you, the PlayCarry Boosters team will teach you and guide you through all the obstacles on your way to the exotic shotgun and other additional pinnacle rewards. Choosing the option with the exotic shotgun and all the hidden chests, this service costs $169.
  4. Reputation boost – to get daily rewards from the vendor Nimbus you need to fulfill contracts. Also passing patrols or assassination missions on Neptune. Other vendors from all expansions starting at $11 are also available.
  5. Trials of Osiris and PvP carry – among D2 players, most do not like to participate in PvP activities because of the serious competition. Especially in Trials of Osiris, where you have to win without the right to make a mistake. PlayCarry boosters understand your pain and are ready to help from just $10!

PlayCarry team have a lot of paid boosting services and carry offerings to Destiny 2 Lightfall gamers. D2 has undergone a lot of changes with the new expansion, but that’s no reason for gamers to lose loot while they adapt. So don’t suffer from eternal failures in PvP and endless grind in PvE activities, our best carrys will do their best for you!

Destiny 2 Lightfall Carries Release Date

Release Date Destiny 2 Lightfall took place on February 28, 2023. Even before that, carries appeared on our website, on which players were able to sign up in advance to be the first to get the loot. After Guardians first passed the Root Of Nightmares raid, there were services to pass this raid with the best teams. Boosting and carry services appeared as soon as our teams were among the first to pass activities and experience them. Now they are ready to share it with you and in future seasons of the D2 Lightfall expansion the number of services from PlayCarry will grow.

Every day since the release date of D2 Lightfall, the locations in Lost Sector are changing, and every week there are a lot of activities to do, even for carrys. It all takes players a very long time and requires playing the game every day for several hours. We understand that you don’t have that much time to get everything in on time and keep up with other Guardians. That’s why we offer services at the best prices. Join our team and don’t waste your time!

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