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Destiny 2 Dungeons Boosting is a type of carry service created to help D2 guardians with completing instances. Destiny 2 uses the rotation system, which means available rewards from dungeons change repeatedly, and Master mode for each dungeon is not always available. PlayCarry professional boosting teams have enough experience to finish any D2 dungeon boost whenever you need!

Bungie added different types of PvE content in Destiny 2, and currently raids and dungeons are the most popular ones. Those 2 types of activities are mostly similar, they both include puzzles and encounters, and the weapon or gear rewards are equally decent. The only difference is that instances consume less time to complete, and they also include Master mode. Master difficulty adds different modifiers that require a higher power level each season, but the rewards are better. Want the rewards and loot for finishing a dungeon without looking for a random team and wiping while learning tactics? Contact PlayCarry live-chat to set up a perfect Destiny 2 boost right now!

Instances are possible to complete alone. Completing a carry solo results in achieving a Triumph for your guardian. Guardians also can try doing it Flawlessly, without a single death- it awards them with better loot from the final bosses. Even though Bungie added only 6 dungeons in Destiny 2, with the last ones in Witch Queen expansion, there are plenty of ways to carry them and receive the maximum profit. PlayCarry boosting site offers different additional option to create a perfect carry, here is a list with some of them:

  • Piloted boost or Self play carry. You can only select one of those options, and it will determine how the boost is performed. Piloted service means the guardians are fully controlled by our boosters, they log in to your account and finish the task of any difficulty. Self play works the best for skilled players who are ready for any challenge, and just need the best possible teammates. It will save you a lot of time compared to random teammates in fireteams!
  • Legend, Master, Solo, and Flawless Dungeon boosts are available for all Destiny 2 guardian classes. Legend difficulty takes the smallest amount of time, and Flawless carry grants the best rewards. Select the one which is the most helpful for your character, and our boosters will gladly complete it!
  • Purchase Destiny 2 dungeon carry for 2 or more guardians and receive a discount! Pick the needed amount of carries and get 15% or 30% off the cost.
  • Secret chests are hidden in every location, and our teams know the locations of them. Click on that option, and your teammates will show the chests and help get to them!
  • Express option means your order will have a priority in the queue. Select it if you want to start as soon as possible!

Destiny 2 Dungeons List for Boosting

Dungeons are end game content in Destiny 2. Each zone has different mechanics and requires certain knowledge to complete it with good results. There are at least few tactics for each location that the guardians need to know, here is a brief description for carrying all of them:

The Shattered Throne

The Shattered Throne is not the easiest task for solo carries, especially when your power level is low. It starts with a long encounter with a difficult boss and looking for the right symbol in an arena filled with enemies, which is a task that takes a lot of time. After that, guardians need to use ranged weapons to destroy enemies in the next room and face the second boss. The next 2 rooms are basically designed so the team has to kill every enemy in it to move forward to the other place, which doesn’t let anyone double jump and regenerate health. Second to last boss is really difficult to defeat, and it requires a lot of communication between the team, or meta armor for a solo player. One slightest mistake, and the wipe is inevitable. After killing this boss, guardians find a quest for a Wish-ender bow, and move forward to the final boss. It is not as hard as it could be, but the creatures it summons are pretty violent.

Overall, The Shattered Throne is one of the hardest zones in Destiny 2, especially for Solo players, but the loot is worth trying. Want to complete it Flawlessly, solo, or even receive the Seal? Contact PlayCarry support and purchase a boost right away!

Pit of Heresy

Pit of Heresy can be considered the most challenging location in D2. Players need to complete a small questline to receive the access to it. We surely recommend gearing prior to starting this instance, since it may be impossible to complete with insufficient power level. The most wanted reward here is the Xenophage weapon. Here is the list of tasks to complete Pit of Heresy:

  1. First encounter takes some time to finish, since mini-bosses only receive damage while being attacked with a weapon that drops from enemies in that raid. Slay those mobs, unlock the rooms with the mini-bosses by remembering the symbols, and move forward.
  2. Extinguish the 3 doors with the orbs that drop from mobs nearby. The main difficulty is the invincible ogre mobs that patrol the tunnels, which the team has to avoid and kite in order to survive.
  3. This encounter is pretty challenging: the final goal is also opening the door with the orb, but the problem is that one of the teammates has to stay in one spot, while the other assists, and there is a stacking debuff that increases the incoming damage for guardians. After 5 stacks, the chances of winning are extremely low.
  4. In the next room, players have to memorize symbols and use them to open the doors, while fighting hostile mobs. There are 3 doors with mini-bosses, defeat them to go.
  5. The final boss battle is basically a mix of every previous step, but at once and much harder. Don’t forget to avoid the boss AOE while running around and collecting orbs and killing mini-bosses.


Prophesy with its unique mechanics is more similar to a Destiny 2 raid, than a dungeon. The loot is quite nice: Darkest Before and A Sudden Death drop from the final bosses. With a good team and knowing the tactics it can be done pretty fast.

  1. The first encounter mainly depends on positioning. Players need to collect certain motes from the NPCs, and the loot changes depending on their place on the map. Kite them until all the needed items are collected.
  2. Encounter with the first boss has the same mechanic- he is invincible until the team has collected 4 types of motes and placed them in the pillars.
  3. This part is basically exploring the map while looking for 3 specific items, surrounded by the mobs. Find them, and you are ready for the next room!
  4. Complete the puzzle with teleporting to the right paces and catching a small piece of light. It will eventually lead the team to a fight with 2 minibosses.
  5. Follow the NPC who will lead you to the last boss room, while cleaning the path from other mobs.
  6. Last encounter is the hardest one, it has 3 repeatable phases, and during each one it is essential to communicate with the other teammates and coordinate the steps.

Grasp of Avarice

Grasp of Avarice boost is a popular carry service, because the loot is quite nice- some rare classic weapons like Eyasluna and Gjallarhorn. Completing it solo is not so simple, but having a good team helps a lot!

  1. To start this carry, teammates have to kill enemies in the cave and collect the engrams that drop. The hard part is that after a player collects any item, the debuff appears, and kills a carrier in 25 seconds. The only way to get rid of it is to bring the loot to the crystal inside the cave. This process makes it grow until it lets the team go further.
  2. Encounters in the next room mostly consist of puzzles. It’s impossible to complete it without knowing the right steps. Don’t worry, our boosters know all the routines perfectly!
  3. During the next part, the team will need to slay lots of enemies and open the door using the fire gun.
  4. The first boss of Grasp of Avarice is a mix of the previous tactics. Here the guardians need to collect engrams, use the fire guns, and complete puzzles. If the team had enough practice, this battle will be finished easily.
  5. This part of the location is mostly related to riding a Sparrow and getting to an important place in time. Rush there 3 times in a row to avoid a wipe.
  6. In the next room, guardians have to jump on the platforms and kill enemies until they find the right one. There also is a mini-boss that turns himself into a cannonball, which needs to be launched.
  7. And, as in the other dungeons, the last encounter has all the mechanics from the beginning. Teams grow a crystal, use a fire gun, and repeat it all to make the last boss vulnerable.


Duality release date is relatively recent- it was added during Season of the Haunted. It drops meta Exotic guns, so don’t miss your opportunity and try a carry with our boosters! The process is not so easy.

The mechanic in Duality is connected to the bell which appears in different parts of the dungeon. The bell switches guardians between realities. It has a circle around it, and whoever is outside it while transitioning will die. Team will use the bell to defeat bosses.

  1. The first boss will be invulnerable until the guardians go to the other dimension and retrieve standards. After that, the boss can be defeated. The process of killing him is difficult with many repeatable actions with hopping between the realms. Be ready to spend some time here if it’s your first time.
  2. The second encounter is half puzzle-half battle. It starts with rotating statues in the room, and then killing a few mini-bosses from different dimensions, similar to the previous time. The standard mechanic will repeat here.
  3. The final battle works the same- hop between dimensions, grab the standards, and defeat bell keepers. They are snipers and will try to shoot all the teammates while staying in the other realm. At some point, the boss will head to one of the bells to switch the dimension, remembering to stay inside the circle around it. It will happen again and again, until the final boss of Duality is not dead.

Spire of the Watcher

Spire of the Watcher is the last added dungeon in Destiny 2 in the Witch Queen expansion. It is very dynamic and forces the players to climb and run around a lot, connecting wires. The rewards here are decent: there is an exotic bow, few other exotic weapons, and a gear set.

  1. There are 4 nodes that need to be activated with the wires in the center of a map. Avoid the NPCs who can kill you while you are holding it. After everything is done, slide in the tunnel, but make sure to slow down in order to survive the falling from the end of it.
  2. After appearing in the new room, climb up until you find the first boss.
  3. The mechanic here is also connected to activating nodes with the wires in order to change gravity and get closer to the top of the roof.
  4. The next encounter will also be close, so be ready to face it. Complete activating the 4 nodes and kill the mobs around to start the encounter.
  5. To kill this boss, guardians need to shoot all of the eyes that are placed on its wings. Dealing damage to this boss is impossible until this is done. Be fast with this one, since it will wipe the raid if it takes too long.
  6. The final boss is under the platform of the previous battle. The boss has a shield, and breaking it is a challenge. Team will need to solve the puzzle with specific wires and explode the reactor, which will make the boss vulnerable for a few seconds. The best way to kill him is using a rocket launcher. Shield will be on again after a few seconds, so the process will need to be repeated from the beginning until the boss is dead.

Dungeon Carry Report Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Dungeon Report is a third party site which shows every player progress in different instances. There is a rating, based on how good the player performed during the carry. This rating is important for skilled end game players in fireteams, since they check each potential teammate before inviting and only take gamers with good results.

There are different ways to increase rating in D2 Dungeon Report:

  • Complete dungeons solo.
  • Enabling Master difficulty and different modifications.
  • Performing Flawless and Solo carries.

Increasing Dungeon Report score is a common D2 boosting service on PlayCarry site! Our boosters can easily carry your character until the needed rating. Contact the managers to set up the perfect boost for the needed score.

Buy Destiny 2 All Dungeons Boosting

Buying a Destiny 2 Dungeon boost is a good way to receive different rewards with minimal effort. It is really simple to start a boost with us:

  1. Select a zone you need to carry: we have all of them available on our site. If you are doubting which one is better for your particular character, ask the support team, they are 24/7 online to help!
  2. Mark the additional options to personalize the boost- add farming a specific item or Triumph, select the way of completing a carry and place an order.
  3. Share the information about your account or character to the live chat so the operators could process the order and transfer the information to your booster.
  4. Wait until the boost is done or participate in a carry if you prefer self play.
  5. Enjoy the loot and boost results when our team will complete your boosting order.

This is the list of the Destiny 2 Dungeon boost examples:

Dungeon Required Power Level ETA Amount of boosting teammates
Grasp of Avarice 1580 1-3 hours 1-2
Prophecy 1580 2 hours 1-2
Duality 1541 1-2 hours 1-2

Destiny 2 Dungeon boosts are getting more and more popular with the frequent release of new instances. Purchasing it for your character has a lot of advantages: new meta PvE weapons, gear sets, season pass points, and many more! PlayCarry is ready to complete any kind of D2 Dungeon carry, so feel free to contact us anytime!


How many dungeons in Destiny 2?

There are 6 Destiny 2 dungeons in total. Each year brings 1-2 new locations in the game, and the amount of them changes each expansion.

How to do dungeons in Destiny 2?

Each dungeon has its own mechanics and tactics. The first encounter is always more like a practice before harder parts and final boss. It is also possible to finish the carry alone (which results in getting better rewards) or with up to 2 teammates. There are also rotating modifiers that can be applied to any instance in order to make it harder and receive decent loot.

How to get the dungeon key in Destiny 2?

There are different conditions to unlock zones- some require completing certain content or questlines, and some can be entered without doing any specific things. For example, Pit of Heresy is impossible to enter without finishing a quest, and Grasp of Avarice is becoming available automatically after purchasing Destiny 2.

Are Destiny 2 dungeons farmable?

PvE content is rotatable in Destiny 2: the exotic weapon loot and available Master mode modifications change every week. It is possible to farm all the other rewards tho, there is no cd on entering any zone.

When does the new Destiny 2 dungeon come out?

The Witch Queen expansion promised the release of 3 new dungeons. Since we can see that 2 of them are already added to Destiny 2, we can expect 1 more in the span of the next few months.

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