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Defiance of Yasmin

King’s Fall raid have made its return to Destiny 2 and brought with him a bunch of great Legendary Weapons. One of those weapons is Defiance of Yasmin, Legendary Adaptive Frame Sniper Rifle that comes with an excellent pool of perks. Sniper rifles, as a rule, are great for PvP, and Defiance of Yasmin is no exception. However, this gun is also usable in PvE, and with much success.

Sniper rifles are able to do an immense amount of damage from afar, which is always good for PvP. You can aim for increased range and recoil control to make this gun even deadlier in PvP. For PvE you can grab Precision Damage perks to boost up your dps even further.

Defiance of Yasmin is obtainable in King’s Fall raid, after Warpriest, Daughters of Oryx and Oryx himself. Which means you’ll need a skilled and geared fireteam. Another good thing about Defiance of Yasmin is that this gun is craftable. You’ll need to extract 5 Deepsight variations of this rifle to unlock the pattern.

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Defiance of Yasmin
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