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Festival of the Lost

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  • Festival of the Lost Candy Farm
    Festival of the Lost Candy Farm
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  • Festival of the Lost Masks
    Festival of the Lost Masks
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  • Festival of the Lost Seal (Ghost Writer Title)
    Festival of the Lost Seal (Ghost Writer Title)
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    Horror Story
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Festival of the Lost Boosting in Destiny 2 Lightfall are services that allow players to get more rewards and fun from participating in the annual event. These include obtaining a unique Ghost Writer Title, secret triumph, masks, emblem, ornament, candy’s farming and other d2 quests. PlayCarry team will help with all challenges and provide a personalized guide to obtain these mystery rewards.

Festival of the Lost is a seasonal event in Destiny 2 Lightfall, which releases in Season of the Witch, 2023. Start date of the Halloween event this year will be October 17 with weekly reset. It ends on November 7 and by then all Guardians will be able to get all weapons, armor and other quests rewards.

Festival of the Lost annually tests the Guardians’ mettle and adds variety to Destiny 2 routine. Main mechanic of the event in D2 is an execution of Haunted Sectors, that are an alternative to Lost Sectors. By collecting candy, gamers can exchange it for various rewards, quests, cosmetics, or materials from the vendor.

Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost Secret Triumph Guide

After the appearance of Festival of the Lost in Destiny 2, a new Triumph in Season of the Witch category became available to players. To complete it, Guardians must fulfill 2 mysterious conditions marked with question marks. As a reward for completing “Twilight” Triumph, gamers will receive Lost Memento as a reward. Lost Memento is a unique reward introduced in Festival of the Lost Destiny 2 Seasonal Activity. It is applied to crafted weapons to gain a title, shader and a device that tracks numbers of enemies destroyed. It allows gamers to make one favorite weapon in their collection dark and mysterious.

There are a total of 3 quests in Festival of the Lost Secret Triumph, which players must complete to get reward. Below is a detailed guide to all quests for reward:

  • In order to complete all tasks, Guardians need to get 3 Masks, which are provided by vendor. It is not easy to do as they take a large amount of time and effort. All quests are in Festival of the Lost event card and each player can take them.
  • Each mask has a different quest to complete in order to obtain it. First mask might be obtained by gamers immediately after finishing the first quest of the event. The others, however, are not so easy to obtain.
  • After completing all previous guides, the players have to gain access to triumph conditions and for it they have to wear all masks collected. They are quite simple, but may cause difficulties for Destiny 2 newcomers.
  • To do this, the Guardians need to complete the S.A.B.E.R strike using Clovis Bray mask, kill 100 opponents on Neomuna using Nimbus maks and use finishing moves on 25 monsters in Haunted Sectors with Tormentor Mask outfit.

After completing all secret triumph conditions in Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost, gamers will be able to collect reward. This and much more is guaranteed using Festival of the Lost Boost & Carry. With our team, you’ll get through challenges quickly and safely with lots of fun!

Festival of the Lost Event Armor & Weapons Farm in Destiny 2

In addition to Season Pass experiences during Festival of the Lost Destiny 2 gamers will receive Armor Sets and can Farm weapons. Gamers can purchase beautiful armor sets for 6000 bright dust from vendors. It can be obtained additionally by completing daily quests or other activities.

To get Festival of the Lost Weapons gamers have to face challenges and farming in D2 Festival of the Lost event Activity. Each of 4 weapons drops randomly for completing challenges, quests or participating in Haunted Sectors. This list includes the popular Horror Story Auto Rifle and Acosmic GL.

Festival of the Lost in Destiny 2 has its own Hocus-Focusing system for obtaining Armor & Weapons. This event is a great variety for farming Lost Sectors and also drops exotic engrams. These can be exchanged for weapons or exotic armor. D2 players also need a large supply of candy (event currency).

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