Qullim’s Terminus

Qullim’s Terminus is a new Legendary Machine Gun added to Destiny 2 along with the reintroduction of King’s Fall raid during the Season of Plunder. It is a Stasis Heavy Machine Gun that will be useful in PvP, but will be even better in PvE. It has some incredible Perks to choose from, including some unique ones.

Machine Guns received a huge buff in Season 17, increasing their damage in PvE activities by 40%. If you enjoyed this type of weapon before, you should definitely try it out now. Heavy Machine Guns, as a rule, have tons of ammo, have extremely fast fire rate and deal decent amount of damage. Qullim’s Terminus comes with a set of perks that can further enhance those attributes, making your gameplay with it extremely fun.

Qullim’s Terminus can be obtained from King’s Fall raid, from Golgoroth boss fight or Totems encounter. And for that journey you might need a helping hand. PlayCarry offer you that with our Quilim’s Terminus boost. Our team of professional boosters will storm through King’s Fall raid and get you your desired gun in no time.

ETA for the boost is 3-5 hours.

Available for all platforms.

Quilim’s Terminus boost rewards:

  • Quilim’s Terminus Legendary Machine Gun obtained
  • Various King’s Fall raid rewards
  • Experience for your Season Pass and Artifact
Qullim’s Terminus
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