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Oversoul Edict

Oversoul Edict is a Legendary Pulse Rifle in Destiny 2 Lightfall that players can get as a random drop for completing Crota’s End Raid. The cannon ranks at the top of all raid weapons and can take down any PvP or PvE activity in a flash. Pulse Rifle has Arc Energy, can only be equipped in the Energy Weapon slot and uses primary type of ammunition. This allows you to pass even the most difficult activities at high difficulty levels such as Raids, Dungeons and Grandmaster Nightfall Strikes. Its Archetype is “Rapid-Fire Frame”, which multiplies the ammo supply and speeds up reloading when it is completely empty. This trait increases the chances of passing long-running activities like Raids, as they are always short on ammo.

To increase the chances of getting Oversoul Edict, Guardians should be in hidden chests in all locations. In addition, they should actively participate in encounters and try to do as much good as possible. All of these factors greatly increase the drop rate of a weapon, which is very important to get the recipe quickly. With it, players will be able to create it in Enclave, Mars and increase the level of possession. This will allow you to choose the right perks and create the right God Rolls. Below is a list of the most popular perk combinations for Oversoul Edict in Destiny 2 Lightfall:

  • Keep Away + Headseeker – one of the best and most versatile combinations of perks, allowing you to increase the power of your weapon many times over. They increase reload speed, fire range and accuracy if there is no enemy within 15 meters of the player. This allows the Guardian to maintain a safe distance and gain an advantage due to the buffs. In addition, all hits to the body of a champion or other Guardian will increase damage and aim assist by 0.55 seconds for each hit.
  • Demolitionist + Voltshot – The second most popular God Roll for Pulse Rifle in Destiny 2 Lightfall. It is only focused on getting through PvE content. It guarantees 10% grenade ability energy for every 10% enemy kill. This allows players to strategize a playthrough or unique build. Reloading after killing any target will reload the weapon many times faster and boost the first shot. This combination does not have any specific synergy, however they are very powerful on their own.
  • Perpetual Motion + Sword Logic – A very rare but noteworthy God Roll for OverSoul Edict. It gives a bonus to stability, convenience and reload speed for every 2 and 10 seconds of running. This ensures fast and efficient movement around the location, which will also boost weapon performance. In addition to this, follow-up shots using this weapon guarantee bonus damage depending on the strength of the target killed.
  • Enlightened Action + Moving Target – PvP God Roll, which is favored in Trials of Osiris and Crucible. When dealing damage passively, the player gains 10 cooldown speed and convenience up to 5 times. On top of that, increased movement speed and accuracy are guaranteed. In sum, these perks incredibly increase the efficiency in combat and the chances of a quick victory.

The Oversoul Edict is a unique and very powerful tool for dealing with difficult activities in Destiny 2 Lightfall. The Pulse Rifle was first introduced in Season of the Witch with the release of the Crota’s End raid and most gamers participate in its completion to get good gear. This gun is guaranteed not to gather dust in the player’s vault and will bring a lot of positive emotions. Players can get Legendary Weapon at any time with the PlayCarry team. Become a part of our big family right now and get the best loot in Destiny 2 Lightfall!


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  1. 1780+ power level;
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