Master King’s Fall

King’s Fall raid made its return to Destiny 2 game with Season of Plunder. It was only the matter of time before Bungie decides to introduce more difficult version of the raid – Master King’s Fall. Master difficulty design to challenge even highly skilled players offering unique and powerful rewards at the same time.

Master difficulty requires a number of things. For starters you’ll need quite high power level, equally geared and highly skilled fire team. And even if you have all of that, Master King’s Fall raid won’t be easy.

Master King’s Fall offer a few new things to players. First, upon selecting Master King’s Fall from Orbit you’ll see a list of modifiers. Those modifiers will buff mobs or introduce new mechanics to your raid run. Encounters mechanics were also changed to make the encounters harder for players. Lastly, raid is set to 1600 Power which means you’ll be doing less damage while taking more damage from mobs at the same time.

Master King’s Fall raid is going to be extremely hard for the majority of player base, but it doesn’t mean that you should abandon all hopes of completing it. And our Master King’s Fall boost will help you out with that. It is designed to help any player complete this raid with a help of our professional booster teams. Let us help you out, get your desired loot quick and easy with our Master King’s Fall boost.

ETA for the boost 3-4 hours.

Available for all platforms and regions.

Master King’s Fall boost rewards:

  • Master King’s Fall raid fully completed
  • Various Master King’s Fall raid unique and powerful weapons and armor
  • Experience for your Season Pass and Artifact
Master King’s Fall
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