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Swordbreaker is a Legendary Kinetic Shotgun in Destiny 2 Lightfall that players can get for completing Crota’s End Raid with a 20% drop rate. Crota’s End Raid appeared in Season of the Witch and featured a lot of good weapons and gear, including the Swordbreaker. It does Strand type damage, can only be equipped in the kinetic weapon slot and uses a special type of ammo. The Shotgun can be crafted, allowing Guardians to choose the right perks and create God Rolls. These are perfect combinations of traits that increase the weapon’s effectiveness in PvP or PvE activities. To do so, players must collect 5 copies of the gun from a raid, after which it will become available for crafting in Throne World, Enclave.

It has the “Lightweight Frame” Archetype, which increases the weapon’s usability at the expense of additional movement speed. This is very useful in any activity, but the weapon scores very high for passing end-game PvE content. Below is a list of the most popular God Rolls for the Legendary Shotgun in Destiny 2 Lightfall:

  • Threat Detector + One-Two Punch – The most popular and powerful perk combination for Swordbreaker, perfect for any activity. This God Roll is guaranteed to increase the reload speed, stability and comfort of the weapon when opponents are nearby. It will work either way since the weapon is designed for close range. In addition to this, hitting an opponent with the Shotgun will increase melee attack damage by 50%. This property allows players to get close to an enemy in PvP activity and destroy them in a few seconds.
  • Slideshot + Opening Shot – one of the most popular God Rolls for Shotguns in Destiny 2. It allows the Guardian to reload the weapon’s magazine after Sliding and guarantees an additional 20 range and 30 stability. In addition, the accuracy and range of the weapon will be passively increased. This allows you to catch up to enemies more effectively and hit the target even from medium range.
  • Subsistence + Sword Logic – The best PvE perk combination that provides the ability to pass difficult end-game content. Perks reload the magazine when the player destroys targets. In addition to this, reaching shots guarantee bonus damage depending on the strength of the enemy. This is incredibly useful in any activity like Raids, Dungeons, and Nightfall Strikes.
  • Demolitionist + Hatchling – a rare combination of perks that is available from weapon level 10. They allow you to generate grenade energy when killing with a Shotgun. In addition to this, rapidly defeating targets with a non-precision weapon spawns a Thredling at the target’s location. This is a very useful property in all activities and guarantees success for its wielder.

Swordbreaker is the best solution for Shotgun players in Destiny 2 Lightfall. The Legendary weapon has many unique and powerful perks, making it one of the worthwhile guns to get. Also, it has Strand type damage, which allows you to create powerful builds and combine its effects with frags and modifications. It will be a reliable companion for Titan, Warlock, and Hunter class players in the Strand subclass. With his help, the Guardians can easily pass any end-game PvE activity such as Raids, Dungeons or Grandmaster Nightfall Strikes. The PlayCarry team is ready to help players get crafting patterns or any amount of legendary shotgun. Join us now and get the best gear to fight The Witness and the forces of darkness in Season of the Witch!


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