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Song of Ir Yut

Song of Ir Yut is an Arc Machine Gun in Destiny 2 Lightfall that players can obtain from Crota, Son of Oryx in Crota’s End Raid. Its Archetype is Adaptive Frame, which guarantees the weapon’s high accuracy and rate of fire. The cannon is one of the most popular in Season of the Witch due to its high efficiency and great potential in PvE activities. It deals Arc type elemental damage, uses Heavy type ammo and can be equipped in the Power Weapon slot. The Machine Gun first appeared in the game with the release of Season of the Witch and is a unique legendary item. It is highly prized by many Guardians for completing difficult end-game PvE content and even for winning Trials of Osiris and the competitive Crucible.

Legendary Weapon has a variety of unique and powerful God Rolls. These are perfect combinations of perks that players can randomly get in each copy of the gun. They can improve gameplay, strategy, or change build directions many times over. Below is a list of the most popular perk combinations for Song of Ir Yut:

  • Reconstruction + Bait and Switch – PvE God Roll for Machine Gun, which allows you to increase the magazine capacity and the chances of getting a large amount of ammo. This weapon slowly reloads over time, doubling the ammo capacity. Also, dealing damage using all of the player’s equipped weapons in a short period of time gives +35% additional damage for 10 seconds. Such properties are ideal for raids, dungeons and other difficult PvE activities with strong opponents.
  • Rewind Rounds + Target Lock – a combination of perks available to players from weapon level 10. Their mechanics are quite simple, as they reload the magazine automatically after all ammunition is used. Their amount depends on hitting enemies, which requires the player to have good shooting skills. In addition to this, the damage of each subsequent shot will increase, allowing you to deal incredibly high damage to a boss or other powerful enemy.
  • Feeding Frenzy + Voltshot – A great God Roll for newcomers to Destiny 2 Lightfall. It is available right after unlocking the weapon recipe, allowing you to use it early on. It has incredibly high efficiency in all activities. Perks increase reload speed and damage for every enemy kill. With such bonuses, gamers can easily reach higher levels or even use them permanently.
  • Keep Away + Sword Logic – A build well suited for various PvP activities such as Crucible and Trials of Osiris. They guarantee increased cooldown speed, range and accuracy when enemies are not within 15 meters of the player. On top of that, Reaching hits guarantee bonus damage depending on the enemy’s power and number of kills. With this combination, not only PvP activity, but also challenging end-game content will not be a problem.

Song of Ir Yut has incredible performance and high efficiency in all Destiny 2 Lightfall activities. With the release of Season of the Witch, many players were preparing for the appearance of a new raid – Crota’s End. It brought new story facts to the lore of the game and introduced a lot of interesting content. Together with the Legendary Machine Gun, players will be able to get a lot of additional loot, Season Pass XP and materials to improve equipment performance. The PlayCarry team is already ready to help beginners and experienced players raid and get the best weapons and gear to face The Witness.


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