Seals & Triumphs

Destiny 2 Triumph Seals Boost is a service which helps Destiny 2 players achieve certain conditions and receive titles. There are plenty of activities in D2 for both PvE and PvP lovers, and achievements add diversity to routine tasks. Completing certain Seals with rare and recognisable title rewards is a time-consuming farming process, which requires concentration, decent team and multiple tries, it can take up to a few months. Don’t waste your precious time!

Ways of getting titles are different. To achieve some of them, guardians need to fulfill specific 10+ Triumphs, related to particular content. Triumphs are various in each type of activity, and it’s almost impossible to achieve them without trying hard. For example, to finish the Deep Stone Crypt achievement, players need to collect every armor and weapons related to that raid.

What is the easiest way of getting any Triumph and Seal? Buying a boost from PlayCarry site! Our boosting teams perform flawless carries each day with all Destiny 2 classes. PlayCarry boosters are known as the best and the fastest players in various games, and D2 is not an exception.

Buy Triumph Seals Carries in Destiny 2

There are a total of 19 Seals and more than 500 Triumphs in Destiny 2. Getting all of them is hard and would take a lot of time, but it’s ok with us! All tasks are available on PlayCarry site, so anyone could contact the live-chat and ask to start the carry whenever they want. Need a specific Triumph to finish the Seal that has some progress already? Let our managers know and create a perfect D2 carry! Here are some of the most popular achievement services from our site:

Chosen Seal Secret Triumph

Chosen Boost was a popular service during the Season of Chosen. Completing it was a challenge itself, since it is a seasonal reward, and D2 guardians had to participate in both PvE and PvP activities to receive it and a Chosen title. There also were missions to unlock all upgrades to the seasonal weapon, so it took a long time. PlayCarry was the first boosting service to start providing Chosen Seal carries quickly in both self play and piloted boost modes. Our team is always ready to fulfil any task in a timely manner!

Spire of the Watcher Seal

Spire of the Watcher Seal unlocks a unique title for your guardian: WANTED. This title is related to the dungeon, so receiving it without a well-communicated team is hard. Spire of the Watcher is not the easiest dungeon in D2, its encounters require quick reaction and knowing the tactics, so completing all 10 triumphs in it takes some skill and a lot of tries. That’s why some Destiny 2 players prefer buying this carry from professional boosting service PlayCarry and just enjoy the results!

Ghost Writer Seal

Ghost Writer Seal is the other achievement added in the Festival of the Lost 2022. It was pretty hard to get in the span of 3 weeks, since there were more than 40 challenges needed to be done. Tasks were various: defeating 100 Headless Ones, purchasing items with candies, killing other guardians with a certain weapon type, etc. Gamers had to participate in all Festival of the Lost activities daily to receive the Ghost Writer title. PlayCarry boosters were working non-stop during that time to let as many as possible D2 gamers achieve their goal!

Every season Destiny 2 players contact us asking about Seals and Triumph boosts. Those kinds of carries are usually done in Piloted mode. PlayCarry boosting service cares about customers’ safety, so every carry includes VPN and other safety measures to make it as safe as possible!

Destiny 2 Seal Rarity

Since there are many different Destiny 2 game Seals, some of them are easier to get, and some are nearly impossible, so only 0,5% of gamers have them. Getting this kind of achievement is a hard task, especially for beginning players. PlayCarry boosters are professional D2 players who can manage receiving any title for your guardian! Here is a list of Destiny 2 Seals with different rarity:

  1. Disciple-Slayer is certainly a rare title, it is related to Vow of the Disciple D2 raid. There are 19 Triumphs that need to be completed in order to get it. Challenges are different, and Destiny 2 guardians have to struggle a lot to finish all of them starting from completing this raid in both Normal and Master modes, and then completing it with the fireteams that consist of certain classes. With Vow of the Disciple being a tough raid and the fact that you’ll need different teammates, obtaining Disciple-Slayer seems almost impossible. Obtain the rarest Seals easily with PlayCarry!
  2. Fatebreaker is a classic Destiny 2 title obtainable through completing challenges in Vault of Glass. Even though this raid is considered easy, some of the Triumphs depend on communication of the fireteam, and may need at least a few tries to finish.
  3. Chronicler is no longer obtainable, and it was not too difficult to get, but took a lot of time, approximately 7,5 months. Guardians needed to do certain parts of Destiny 2 content, until it was removed with the new update. It included all the quests and challenges from the old expansions.
  4. Splintered is an interesting challenge for D2 players that enjoy collecting items and exploring the D2 world. It takes some time to fulfill all the Triumphs, one of them, which requires destroying 3 sets of drones, takes up to 8 weeks. Still, Splintered Title is pretty popular and receiving it is simple for patient Destiny 2 players.
  5. Dredgen is one of the most popular titles in D2. Many guardians have it in their collection, but it still requires some struggling to be done. Dredgen Triumphs are given for completing special tasks in D2 Gambit. For example, you need to kill 40 enemies without dying to get one of them.

Destiny 2 Triumph & Seals Boost is a popular carry service to receive a unique title for your guardian. PlayCarry performs all kinds of Seal boosts in D2 every day, so feel free to contact us in the live-chat and set a perfect carry up for your guardian!

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