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Glory Rank Boosting is a service that provides an opportunity to upgrade your Destiny 2 Competitive Rank easily and quickly. The Competitive Ranks in Destiny 2 are a measure of guardian’s skills and performance in Crucible PvP modes. A higher rating grants gamers exclusive rewards like armor, weapon emblems, weapon ornaments, titles, and demonstrates battling skills to other D2 players.

Ranking is an important mechanic in any competitive game. Destiny 2 includes it in both PvE and PvP modes, to make more players engaged in competing and receive different prizes. In D2, titles, ornaments and emblems show characters’ achievements in game activities and can be a great way to show off to other gamers. Great rewards for getting any Glory rank are a nice bonus for climbing competitive PvP ladder.

PlayCarry Destiny 2 Glory Ranks boost helped a lot of guardians to achieve their desired goals without spending numerous attempts on trying. A service like this can only be done as a piloted boost. Even though account sharing carries are considered risky, our boosters care about customers’ safety and do everything to minimize the possibility of a ban. PlayCarry boosters are professional D2 gamers who achieve any goal on your character in no-time!

Want to boast your new ranking and skills to your D2 friends? Interested in unique rewards? PlayCarry is the best place at a cheap glory boost in destiny 2 on XBOX, PlayStation, and PC! With our services, players can be sure of receiving desired rewards in no-time. Free yourself from boring repetitive tasks and enjoy flawless results!

D2 Competitive Divisions and Crucible Glory Rankings

Destiny 2’s competitive PvP game mode, Crucible, has undergone many changes. At first, during the Season of Forsaken, the ranking system was based on Valor points, and then, until the Season of Seraph, it was renamed and modified into Glory Ranks. Now, in 2023, Bungie has changed this system again to better reflect the nature of the competitive experience. The current system is called Competitive Divisions and has 8 ranks instead of 6.

The other freshly added Destiny 2 systems are Decay, Relegations and Promotions. With Glory ranks, it was enough to earn a certain amount of points for a particular title. Now, climbing the ladder is harder- guardians need to win 3 matches in a row and make a streak to get to higher rating even when there are enough points. On the other hand, it is possible to stay on your current level even if your rating has dropped: the game allows you to win 2 matches in relegations and avoid dropping your title. Decay is basically a punishment for inactivity to gamers that reached Gold III, they lose points for not participating in any Crucible PvP activity in a while.

Prices for each rank are different and depend on D2 player’s current progress. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner that goes after Fabled or higher, or you are a skilled player who needs a helping hand to reach Legend- PlayCarry boosters have an individual approach to every order. Here is a list of examples and ETAs from our boosting site.

Rank ETA (hours)
Brave 24
Heroic 48
Fabled 72
Mythic 96
Legend 120

With all of those updates, some D2 guardians may feel like they are staying behind while others are keeping up with freshly added changes. PlayCarry boosters are ready to help everyone! Our boosters willingly do any carry or complete a win streak for all Destiny 2 classes.

Buy Destiny 2 Cheap Competitive Glory Carry

In PlayCarry, we understand that Competitive glory boosting is a crucial aspect for many D2 players. That’s why we offer different ranges of boosting services to all kinds of gamers: from casual players to hardcore professionals. Various comps of our skilled boosters are ready to perform a carry of any difficulty at a cheap price, and help our customers reach the max glory rank in Destiny 2.

All glory ranks in D2 have 3 levels, which increase with the amount of wins. The highest one is Legend, guardians have to grind 5500 glory rank points to achieve it. Here is a description of all glory ranks in Destiny 2.


Guardian boost will help you to achieve your first ever rank in Destiny 2. Make your first steps in PvP playlist with our help and receive your first competitive rewards! Skill-based matchmaking system guarantees that you’ll be teamed up with players of your skill, so purchasing Guardian will help you get better teammates from the start.


Our Brave competitive boost will take you to the next level. This rank unlocks advanced competitive PvP playlist, gives you good reward and shows other player that you are not a beginner anymore!


Buying a Heroic boost in Destiny 2 is a good way to put yourself in the pool of skilled players. Heroic is a middle of a ladder, which means getting there takes some time and struggle. Want to start with good teammates right away? Heroic boost is perfect for you!


Fabled division is considered elite in Competitive Destiny 2 PvP. Even though there are 2 more rank after it, reaching Fabled may be difficult for some players, but it has some decent rewards. For your character, our boosters will easily reach Fabled rank, or even higher!


Mythic boost is useful for those who are ready to reach end-game competitive content in Destiny 2, and need small help with the last steps before Legend. Reaching Mythic is a big step for PvP enjoyers, so pick this option to show everyone how skilled and professional you are.


The Legend is an ultimate PvP service in D2. Our boosters will help you reach the top of the leaderboard and achieve max possible rank. This service is perfect for gamers who want to be recognized as the best PvP carriers in the game and receive the highest rewards and prestige.

Each D2 player has his own preferences and desires, and professional PlayCarry boosters are ready to help everyone! Still doubting about selecting one particular service? Describe your situation to our staff and they’ll promptly help you decide and make the best offer of Destiny 2 Glory Rank boost.

Competitive Glory Ranks Points Boosting for Guardians

In Destiny 2 Competitive Glory system is used to determine gamers’ skill in competitive crucible mode. Those titles are determined by points earned through winning matches. The amount of points depends on the circumstances of match like, for example, win streaks grant more points. Our carry service is designed to boost desired rank by grinding the needed score for each guardian, allowing them to quickly reach their goal.

The other important mechanic in Destin 2 is skill based matchmaking. Unlike PvE, which mostly requires players to create their own group using fireteams, PvP has automatic matchmaking. With a high rating, you will only be teamed up with gamers of the same skill, which results in better performance as a team. This is really important for skilled players who don’t feel like climbing the PvP ladder by themselves- free yourself from doing it all and let our boosters carry this out!

On PlayCarry boosting site, we calculate each rank’s price by the points you need us to grind. It is really easy to calculate the price at any point in your progress like this. Here are the prices for each rank starting from 0 points:

Rank (I sub-rank) Price ($)
Guardian 3
Brave 21
Heroic 75
Fabled 141
Mythic 228
Legend 330

There are also 2 additional options that affect the price:

  • Self play is possible in exceptional situations, when the customer is ready to try to reach the needed level by himself and only needs skilled, confident teammates. We are ready to provide our Destiny 2 customers with any comp of experienced gamers to rely on! This option changes the price by 50%. For example, receiving Fabled I in self play costs $211.5.
  • Express option is helpful if the D2 player is in a hurry and needs the order to be completed as fast as possible, or before the next reset. Purchasing Express will make it possible! Want to join your friends of higher rank? Need to receive all weekly rewards before reset! Say no more! Start right away with the Express option.

In PlayCarry, it is possible to customize any Destiny 2 Glory Rank boost and make it personally suit your character. Struggling with setting everything up by yourself? Live-chat managers are ready to help 24/7. Any challenge or difficulty can be solved with the help of our professional team!

Destiny 2 Glory Ranks Boost Guarantees

At our company, we make sure that all of our customers are satisfied with the services we provide. Multiple years of experience and vast amounts of successful orders make us professionals of Destiny 2 boosting field. Unlike the other carry services, we guarantee the following benefits to make your experience with us even better:

  • Account safety. Boosters do everything to minimize the risks of Bungie noticing carries. For example, personal VPN with your location is used during each order, so tracking it down is almost impossible. All of the account information is secure and never ends up in the hands of unverified people.
  • Professional staff. Each member of the PlayCarry community, including chat operators and CEO are professional gamers themselves. All of us deal with Destiny 2 orders everyday, and we know exactly what to offer in different situations. Also, getting into our team is not so easy, so all our boosters are time-tested and trustworthy.
  • 100% result guarantee. Our first rule states that all orders should always be completed without any delays or difficulties. We ensure that our customers are satisfied with the results they get, so if something ever goes wrong, we are open to any solution that suits you!
  • 24/7 support and guidance is also guaranteed. Responding time is less than a minute, so feel free to ask anything about Destiny 2 carries anytime!

Purchasing a Glory rank boost in Destiny 2 for the first time is an essential step for any player. PlayCarry staff understands the importance of it, so we are ready to offer the best possible condition on all boosting market. Our guarantees demonstrate our dedication to perform perfect services and finish each order flawlessly.


What are glory ranks in Destiny 2?

Glory Ranks in D2 are a ranking system in Competitive playlist. Each rank grants Destiny 2 gamers with different rewards, such as weapon, armor, ornaments, etc. The higher it is- the better are the rewards for achieving it. For other guardians, the character's Glory rating shows prestige and skill in Competitive PvP.

How much glory per win in Destiny 2?

The amount of glory points for a win depends on different factors. For example, 3 or more win streaks grant more points than single wins. Also, your current rank and the difficulty of a match will determine the amount of earned points. Players of lowest rating usually get 30-35 points for a win, while Legends can earn up to 50 points.

How many glory ranks are there in Destiny 2?

There are 6 ranks in competitive PvP in Destiny 2: Guardian, Brave, Heroic, Fabled and Legend. Players start with Guardian rank and climb up the ladder to the Legend. Having a Legend for your guardian is considered the best possible skill in D2.

What’s the highest Destiny 2 glory rank?

The highest competitive rank in Destiny 2 is Legend. It requires 5500+ points to get, which is nearly impossible for most players. Only the best of the best can boast having a title like this, because it takes a lot of skill and dedication.

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