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King’s Fall Raid

King’s Fall was the biggest and best raid in original D2 game. Now, with the Season of the Plunder all D2 players will be able to experience this amazing adventure themselves. This is not the first time when Bungie brings the old D1 raids to D2. Very first one was Vault of Glass. And like Vault of Glass, King’s Fall will be slightly different to its original from D1. During this raid guardians will have to venture into the Ascendant Realm of Oryx to end the reign of the Taken King for good.

King’s Fall was a golden standard for raids in original game, and we expect nothing less from its D2 version. Recommended power level for King’s Fall Carry is 1600, which should not be that hard to reach, however you’ll also need equally geared and skilled raid group for it. Or you can just get our King’s Fall raid boosting services, and our professional boosters will do everything for you.

Available for all platforms and regions.

King’s Fall Raid boost rewards:

  1. King’s Fall raid completed
  2. Chance to get various King’s Fall armor pieces, weapons and Raid Exotic
  3. Pinnacle equipment
  4. Artifact and season pass ranks
King’s Fall Raid
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King’s Fall Raid
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