Frenzyheart Tribe

The Frenzyheart Tribe faction is a wolvar tribe found in Sholazar Basin.

Our WotLK Classic Frenzyheart reputation boost will take the tedious grind away from you. This faction is one of the longest-taking reputations players can farm in Wrath of the Lich King.

  • Design: Jagged Forest Emerald
  • Frenzyheart Insignia of Fury Trinket
  • Design: Reckless Huge Citrine
  • Achievements
  • Disgusting Jar awards players with a toy that turns them into a Frenzyheart for 10 minutes

What is the Frenzyheart Tribe in WotLK Classic?

After being driven from their homes by the Scourge, the violent tribe of wolvar came to Sholazar Basin, where they wanted to settle. Their violent disposition has set them at conflict with the Oracles, a collection of gorloc tribes.

How to earn reputation with Frenzyheart Tribe in WotLK?

Players who wish to earn reputation with the Frenzyheart Tribe must clear all dailies offered by the faction for eight days in a row. This is a very tedious grind that not many players partake in; however, those interested in achievement points and jewelcrafting may consider this faction useful. Players must complete the lengthy Sholazar Basin quest line to begin this farm. After completion, you should be around Honored, which you build on by completing only daily quests.

How does our Frenzyheart Tribe reputation boost in WotLK classic work?

Unlike many other factions, building a reputation with Frenzyheart is Time-gated; please consider this when scheduling with our team. This is a piloted service.

  1. Select the status level you wish to have
  2. Check out while filling all required information out accurately
  3. Reach out to our manager to discuss convenient times to log onto your character. As stated previously, this farm is time-gated. We will need access to your character for several days
  4. Our player will begin farming on your behalf
  5. Once complete, we will reach out to you
  6. Enjoy!


Can I be exalted with Frenzyheart and Oracles at the same time?

Players are not able to be exalted with both factions at the same time as they are enemies of one another. However, you can farm one reputation, buy rewards, and swap to the other.

How to get Frenzyheart Brew in WotLK?

This is a faction reward from the Frenzyheart Tribe, purchasable after reaching exalted status.

Where is the Frenzyheart quartermaster?

This factions quartermaster is located at the coordinates 55.0 69.0 in Sholazar Basin. His name is Tanak.

Frenzyheart Tribe


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