The Taunka

The Taunka is an ancestral-Tauren sub-faction of the Horde Expedition. With so many reputations you need to grind in WotLK classic, why not take this chance to try out our Taunka reputation-farming service? Skip a few steps and give yourself a break while a team of top-level players handles all your grinding and farming needs.

  • Earn Taunka Reputation
  • Earn Horde Expedition Reputation

This faction has no rewards.

Who are The Taunka in WotLK Classic?

The Taunka, tauren’s ancient relatives, have a problematic connection with nature, unlike their Tauren kin, and it has been one of grim endurance. They are a stoic species, imposing their will on the elements of this realm. Outsiders may see the taunka as strict or cold, but those who get to know them will soon realize a persecuted race of survivors with massive hearts and unwavering resolve. They united with the Horde Expedition after being rediscovered in Northrend by Garrosh Hellscream and his orc soldiers.

How to earn Taunka reputation fast in WotLK?

The fastest way to earn a reputation with The Taunka is by purchasing our service. Sure there are plenty of efficient routes and methods out there, such as performing daily quests and dungeon grinding, but it will not be near the pace of our boosters. We take efficient and fast routes to ensure the quickest service possible.

How does our Taunka reputation-farming service work?

Farming Horde Expedition sub-factions can be tedious; we offer the Taunka rep farm service on our store for players who wish to be ahead of the pack.

Our top players will:

  • Farm the reputation for you at a quick pace
  • You keep all rewards on your account, including gold and potential BoE drops

All you have to do to claim this fantastic deal is:

  1. Select the desired level of reputation;
  2. Make your purchase;
  3. Contact our support chat to speak to a manager who will arrange a convenient time for your service to begin;
  4. All done! Our top player will start your service shortly;
  5. You will be notified of completion.


Why do sub-factions have no rewards in WotLK?

In our opinion, this was Blizzard being well, Blizzard. They wanted to add unnecessary grind mechanics to appear as if there’s more content than there is. Hence why there’s a lack of sub-faction rewards.

Do any sub-factions have rewards in Wrath Classic?

Yes! Two total, one for each faction. The Sunreavers include two mounts, a tabard, and a pet for the horde. The Silver Covenant consists of two mounts, a pet, and a tabard for the alliance.

The Taunka


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