Horde Expedition

The Horde Expedition is the horde’s version of Alliance Vanguard. As yet again one of the most tedious and long grinds of Classic Wrath, players may find themselves bored or burned out. Our WotLK Classic Horde Expedition reputation boost will cater to those who wish for a faster and more efficient farm.

  • Schematic: Mechano-hog
  • Arcanum of the Savage Gladiator
  • Plans: Titanium Plating
  • Achievements

How to earn reputation with the Horde Expedition in WotLK Classic?

The Horde Expedition is the second one-of-a-kind reputation in classic wrath because you cannot directly earn a reputation for the faction.

Players must earn a reputation with four potential sub-factions:

  1. The Hand of Vengeance
  2. The Taunka
  3. Warsong Offensive
  4. The Sunreavers

Horde Expedition is divided into four groups. When you gain a reputation with one of these four factions, half of it will be applied to your reputation with the Horde Expedition. This implies that you must be exalted in two of these sub-factions to be exalted in Horde Expedition, or you can have an equal amount of reputation split across all four.

What is our Classic WotLK Horde Expedition reputation boost?

This is a piloted boosting/farming service purchasable on our store page.

  • Select the status you wish to reach
  • Check your order out and ensure all entered information is correct
  • Reach out to our customer service chat on the bottom right of our site to chat with a manager who will schedule a convenient time for your service
  • A legendary player will log onto your character and farm your desired status
  • You will be notified after completion
  • Enjoy!

The Horde Expedition farming service benefits players who don’t have time to grind out multiple reputations or fear becoming burned out/bored of the game.


Where are the Horde Expedition quartermasters in WotLK?

There are two Horde Expedition quartermasters. Gara Skullcrush is located in Borean Tundra at the coordinates 41.4 53.5. The second NPC, Sebastian Crane, is in Howling Fjord at the coordinates 79.1 30.5. Players may purchase the same rewards from either vendor.

Do I need to have all 4 sub-factions of the Horde Expedition Exalted?

Simply put, you must earn exalted status with two of the four, or evenly split your reputation among the four. The easiest way to get exalted is going for the two-of-four exalted route.

How to get Mechano-hog in Wrath Classic?

Players who have achieved a level of 450 with engineering may craft the Mechano-hog, assuming they have reached exalted with the Horde Expedition faction and purchased the schematic from the quartermaster.

Horde Expedition


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