Explorers' League

The Explorers’ League, sometimes known as the Explorers’ Guild, is a group committed to discovering the origins of the Dwarven race. Reputation grinding can be tedious; our boost takes the boring away and allows our customers to sit back and relax while we farm for them. Consider purchasing our WotLK Classic Explorers’ League reputation farm if you’re looking for a boost to your reputation fast and efficiently.

  • Earn up to exalted
  • Earn Alliance Vanguard reputation

What is the Explorers’ League in WotLK Classic?

The Explorers’ League is a group of dwarves interested in documenting the history of the dwarven race; they are responsible for recruiting the Frostborn into the Alliance Vanguard.

How to earn reputation with the Explorers’ League in WotLK?

There are several quests in Howling Fjord and Stormpeaks that will allow you to obtain the Explorers’ League reputation. You may gain Explorers’ League rep by slaying enemies in dungeons in addition to questing.

What is our Explorers’ League reputation farm boost?

This reputation boost is a service provided in piloted mode, purchasable on our store.

  1. Choose what status of reputation you desire
  2. Purchase our service, accurately filling all required information out in the process
  3. Contact the live chat located at the bottom right of our site to reach a manager who will arrange a convenient time to begin the service
  4. One of our top players will log onto your character and farm for you
  5. Once complete, we will reach out to you
  6. Enjoy!


Does Explorers’ League in wrath have a quartermaster?

This faction does not have a quartermaster. However, your reputation counts towards 50% of Alliance Vanguard, which has a quartermaster.

Are there any rewards from the Explorers’ League?

There are zero rewards from this faction. It is still recommended to farm this reputation on Vanguard’s behalf.

Do I need Explorers’ League rep for Alliance Vanguard?

There’s only a need to have two exalted sub-faction of the Alliance Vanguard.

Explorers League


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