Warsong Offensive

Warsong Offensive is another sub-faction that allows players to earn a reputation towards the Horde Expedition. Don’t go farming and grinding alone or with LFG/PUG groups. Our team is fast, efficient, and straightforward. With our Warsong Offensive Reputation boost for WotLK Classic, we’ll have you ahead of the curve and feeling relieved.

  • Earn Reputation with Horde Expedition
  • Earn reputation with Warsong Offensive up to exalted

This faction does not have any rewards or quartermasters.

Who is the Warsong Offensive faction in WotLK?

The Warsong Offensive, led by Garrosh Hellscream, Grom Hellscream’s son, is the Horde’s primary force in Northrend. Varok Saurfang assists Garrosh Hellscream. These ally forces may also be found in the battlegrounds of the Strand of the Ancients and the Isle of Conquest, where they fight the Valiance Expedition. They’ve established a base in the Borean Tundra. They constitute the Horde Expedition alongside the other expeditionary Horde armies in Northrend.

How to earn Warsong Offensive reputation fast?

The fastest way to earn Warsong Offensive reputation is with our boosting service, where we will carry your character to the desired reputation level you wish to obtain. Our team of experts will grind your rep points out while you relax. No need to worry about dailies or dungeon grinding. We got you covered.

How does our Warsong Offensive reputation boost work in WotLK classic?

Our dedicated, loyal, and committed team, with unmatched integrity, will intelligently and efficiently farm reputation on your character’s behalf. This is a piloted service we offer on our store in which you can purchase up to an exalted status.

A team member will:

  • Earn reputation with Horde Expedition and Warsong Offensive, grinding dailies and running efficient routes unique to PlayCarry
  • You keep all rewards and loot obtained during the service, always!

Ordering this fantastic deal is as easy as:

  1. Selecting the level of reputation you wish to obtain
  2. Make your purchase after filling in all required information accurately
  3. Chat with a manager through our live chat at the bottom right of our website to schedule a good time for the service to begin
  4. You’re all done; we’ll take it from here and let you know when we’re finished!


What if I need just a small amount of reputation that isn’t already listed?

Please contact our live chat to speak to a manager for any custom requests. They will walk you through the best solution for you.

Warsong Offensive


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