The Hand of Vengeance

The hand of Vengeance is a sub-faction of the Horde Expedition. It is one of the easiest sub-factions to farm, making our WotLK Classic Hand of Vengence reputation boost service stress-free and efficient. Skip out on days or even weeks of farming, and let our team farm on your behalf! We’re here for you 24/7 every day of the year. Why stress yourself out when you can rely on our services?

  • Earn Horde Expedition Reputation
  • Stress-Free experience

What is The Hand of Vengeance in Wrath of the Lich King?

Lady Sylvanas Windrunner dispatched Forsaken warriors to Northrend to exact Undercity’s revenge on the Lich King by delivering the latest strain of their lethal Plague. They have joined forces with the Horde Expedition to fight the Lich King.

What is our Hand of Vengeance reputation farm in WotLK classic?

This is a sub-faction reputation grind service that will allow you to achieve higher rewards from the Horde Expedition and achievements for having a certain amount of exalted reputations if that’s something you desire. This service is piloted only.

  1. Select desired status with THoV Rep
  2. Purchase the service
  3. Reach out to our service chat located at the bottom right of the website to schedule a convenient time with our manager
  4. Our booster will farm on your character’s behalf till the desired reputation status is achieved
  5. You will be notified of completion
  6. Enjoy!


Do I need to reach Exalted with The Hand of Vengeance for Horde Expedition?

TL;DR, you are not required to reach exalted with any of the four sub-factions the horde expedition offers if that’s what you desire. You can evenly distribute reputation throughout all four, although this is very inefficient.

Are there any rewards from The Hand of Vengeance in Wrath Classic?

There are no rewards at this time from this faction.

The Hand of Vengeance


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