The Wyrmrest Accord

The Wyrmrest Accord is group of the surviving four Dragonflights – the red, bronze, green, and even black flights — against the crusade of the blue Dragonflight. Our WotLK Classic Wymrest Accord reputation-farming service will get you ahead of the pack but allow you to relax from the tedious rep grinding mechanics wrath has to offer. Our team of top-level players is ready to carry your character to greatness. Featuring many rewards, Wyrmrest Accord is a popular option for crafters and players alike.

  • Earn Reputation up to Exalted
  • Achievements

With rewards such as:

  • Pattern: Mysterious Bag
  • Reins of the Red Drake mount
  • Design: Stalwart Monarch Topaz
  • 200 iLvL Epic pre-raid gear

Who is The Wyrmrest Accord in WotLK Classic?

Alexstrasza created the Wyrmrest Accord in response to Malygos’ declaration of war on all mortal spellcasters. She assembled delegates from the other three Dragonflights to resist the blue Dragonflight and defend the Dragonblight from the undead Scourge. As a sign of the Dragonflights’ cooperation, a gigantic orb, the Orb of Unity, was set atop Wyrmrest Temple. Eventually, the blue dragon Kalecgos traveled to Wyrmrest Temple as an unofficial envoy for the blue Dragonflight, publicly opposing the Nexus War.

How to farm Wyrmrest Accord’s reputation fast?

The fastest way to farm this faction’s reputation is by purchasing our services! Our team is full of dedicated, highly skilled, and patient players who are here 24/7, every day of the year, to provide any service you desire. From running dailies on your character to dungeon spamming, our players have the fastest and most efficient routes planned out uniquely for every character.

How does our Wyrmrest Accord Reputation Farm for WotLK Classic Work?

This is a piloted service performed by a top-level player on our team. Why would you grind this faction when you can have your friends at Playcarry do it?

Our booster will:

  • Grind Wyrmrest Accord reputation to your desired status
  • All loot and rewards obtained are yours to keep
  • Communicate with you should there be a need

All you have to do is:

  1. Select your desired reputation level
  2. Order from our store page
  3. Talk to a manager on our live chat to arrange a convenient time for your service
  4. Sit back and relax while your service is being performed. We will alert you after completion. Should there be any issues or concerns, we will contact you


Where is the Wyrmrest Accord Quartermaster in WotLK?

It’s time to claim your rewards! Head to the Wyrmrest Temple in Dragonblight and find Cielstrasza at coordinates 59.9 53.0.

How to get Reigns of the Red Drake mount?

This is a mount reward for reaching Exalted with the Faction Wyrmrest Accord. It can be bought for 1600 gold at the faction’s quartermaster in Dragonblight.

The Wyrmrest Accord


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