The Oracles

Why waste your time grinding a reputation for days or weeks when you can have a legendary player farm it for you? Our WotLK Classic Oracles reputation boost will provide fast and efficient service. Please note this reputation is time-gated the same way as the Frenzyheart faction.

  • Reach any desired level of reputation with The Oracles
  • Access to epic rewards such as the trinket Oracle Talisman of Ablution
  • Chance to receive Reins of the Green Proto-Drake from the mysterious egg purchasable at the quartermasters
  • Achievements

Who are The Oracles in WotLK?

The Oracles are a group of compassionate Gorloc tribes that live in the Sholazar Basin. They view themselves as protectors of the titan technology in the region. They are embroiled in a territorial conflict with the Frenzyheart Tribe of Wolvar.

How to earn a reputation with The Oracles Fast?

Our service is the fastest way to exalted with The Oracles. Our efficient routes and experienced players are ready to tackle any challenge.

To begin accumulating a reputation with the Oracles tribal group, you must finish a lengthy quest chain that starts with The Part-time Hunter and ends with A Hero’s Burden. The faction you join depends on which NPC you slay – killing the Gorloc identifies you with the Frenzyheart tribe, while killing the Wolvar ties you with the Oracles. The option can be reversed by repeating the interaction. Once this is completed, players may begin farming dailies until they reach their desired status.

How does our Oracles reputation boost work in WotLK Classic?

Like our other reputation service, Frenzyheart Tribe, The Oracles is a time-consuming and time-gated faction. While being performed in piloted mode, our booster will farm your desired reputation level until completion.

  1. Select desired reputation level
  2. Purchase our service
  3. Reach out to our live chat to schedule a convenient time to start the service
  4. Our pro player will farm The Oracle’s faction reputation until they’ve reached your desired level
  5. Enjoy! You will be notified of completion


Can I be exalted with Frenzyheart and Oracles simultaneously in WotLK?

This is, unfortunately, impossible, as both factions are “at war” with one another. As you gain a reputation with one, you become more and more hated in the other. However, players can farm one of the reputations, purchase the rewards, and then swap to the other reputation faction. Disclaimer: This will reset all reputation gains with your previous rep factions.

Are The Oracles worth grinding?

It is definitely worth it for players who want a chance at receiving the Green Proto drake. There are also some pre-raid rewards players can purchase to get a little more ahead of their adventures pre-raiding.

The Oracles


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