Knights of the Ebon Blade

The Knights of the Ebon Blade are a renegade death knight group. Featuring many rewards and some of the most admirable visuals in WotLK classic, players will want to farm this reputation to Exalted. Grinding a reputation to exalted can be time-consuming and tedious. At Playcarry, our WotLK Classic Knights of the Ebon Blade reputation boosting service will take the tedious and time-consuming aspects away from you.

Earn rewards such as:

  • Design: Glowing Twilight Opal
  • Some pre-raid gear
  • Pattern: Abyssal Bag
  • Arcanum of Torment
  • Design: Deadly Huge Citrine

Players must finish the It’s All Fun and Games for the Alliance or, It’s All Fun and Games for the Horde questlines, which begin in Icecrown before they can purchase rewards.

Who are the Knights of the Ebon Blade in WotLK?

They regrouped under the banner of Highlord Darion Mograine after being liberated from the grasp of the Lich King during the Battle for Light’s Hope Chapel, took control of Acherus: The Ebon Hold as their headquarters, and worked with the Argent Crusade to defeat Arthas Menethil during the Scourgewar.

What is our Knights of the Ebon Blade reputation boost for WotLK Classic?

This is a piloted service we provide for players of WotLK classic who wish to skip out on grinding the reputation themselves. There are many reasons people may choose to have it farmed for them; we understand and respect all potential grounds. We are here to help!

  1. Select desired status
  2. Purchase while filling all information out correctly
  3. Reach out to our live chat to schedule a time that’s convenient for you
  4. Our booster will farm on your character until they’ve reached your desired status
  5. After completion, you will be contacted by a manager
  6. Enjoy!


How to unlock the Knights of the Ebon Blade?

A specific quest must be completed to gain access to the faction’s quest givers. This quest may be found in Zuldrak to the west of the site. This questline is available at level 77 from Thassarian onboard the Skybreaker for the Alliance and Koltira Deathweaver onboard the Orgrim’s Hammer for the Horde. Also, horde players may begin from Baron Sliver, who can be located at The Shadow Vault in Icecrown.

Where is the quartermaster for Knights of the Ebon Blade in WotLK?

Duchess Mynx is located in Icecrown at the coordinates 43.3 20.7.

Where can I buy the Knights of the Ebon Blade tabard?

The tabard is purchasable from the factions quartermaster assuming the player is in friendly status.

Knights of the Ebon Blade


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