Titansteel Destroyer

Titansteel Destroyer is the first BiS epic 2-handed weapon in WoW WotLK Classic Phase 1 players can craft from Blacksmithing. Item requires lots of rare materials, so it may be hard for just reached experience cap characters to be farmed.

Best classes for Titansteel Destroyer:

  1. Death Knight – blood and unholy specs
  2. Warrior – arms and fury specializations
  3. Paladin – retribution talents


  • Level 80 on your WoW WotLK character
  • 6 Titansteel Bars
  • 2 Frozen Orbs
  • 8 Saronite Bars

Titansteel Destroyer Stats:

  • Item level – 200
  • Unique – you may equip just 1 weapon at the same time and have 2+ in the bag or bank
  • Binds on equipment – players can craft it to sell in the auction house to get gold
  • 2-handed mace with 3,4 seconds attack speed per 1 hit
  • Deals 186,47 damage per 1 sec (DPS)
  • Gains 105 stamina and 124 strength skills to its owner
  • Durability is 120 points
  • Increases hit rating by 54
Titansteel Destroyer


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