Shadowmourne is the greatest 2-handed axe weapon for Death Knight, Paladin and Warrior classes in WoW WotLK Classic. At the same time, it’s the rarest item players can achieve in the game. But the rewards and stats it gives to its owner are worth it.

Shadowmourne Questline in WoW WotLK:

  • Begin Shadowmourne questline with The Sacred and the Corrupt quest from Darion Mograine
  • Collect 25 primordial saronite – loot it from bosses in raids or keep buying from a vendor in Dalaran
  • Finish the quest and start the next one from Frostmourne in Dragonblight zone – Light’s Vengeance
  • Get a new task from Darion – The Sacred and the Corrupt. This time you need to kill 2 bosses in Icecrown Citadel to get your first real reward – Shadow’s Edge, which will become more powerful if you continue a questline
  • Defeat Professor Putricide boss to complete Unholy Infusion. Be aware that you should be inside the abomination to get Mutated Slime for a quest
  • Blood Infusion – is the next quest you need to go through. Receive a Blood Mirror passive ability and slay Blood-Queen Lana’thel
  • Frost Infusion challenge awaits you after the previous one. Get into a good raid group to kill Sindragosa in The Frostwing Hall. Don’t forget to get a hit from Frost Breath – dragon’s ability
  • Start gathering 50 Shadowfrost Shards, which are obtainable from the 25-man Icecrown Citadel raid difficulty only. Items drop randomly from bosses
  • A Feast of Souls – is the last step players need to do to get their Shadowmourne questline done. That can be finished during raiding in 10-man difficulty. You need to fight 1000 undead in ICC

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Frostmourne vs Shadowmourne:

Frostmourne is a weapon of the Lich King – Arthas Menethil. Legends say that this sword can steal the soul of everyone getting in touch with it. However, in WoW WoTLK, players can find a weapon in Dragonblight location during the Shadowmourne questline.

It’s impossible to receive Frostmourne on your WoW champion, but you can still find it in-game data files since the Wrath of the Lich King expansion has been released. And sword stats are much weaker than its “younger brother” since it has just 1 damage per hit. However, an additional feature of this item allows you to become a new Lich King.

And what about Shadowmourne lore? A current 2-handed axe was designed just for specific classes. Since there’s just 1 Lich King in the whole Azeroth – players received this item as a legendary weapon.

It requires lots of time and effort to be farmed:

  1. Start with Shadowmourne replica – Shadow’s Edge epic weapon
  2. Continue quest line from Darion
  3. Slay 11/12 bosses in ICC raid zone
  4. Kill 1000 mobs with your axe


How to Get Shadowmourne?

  • First, you need to have 1 of 3 classes capped to level 80 (Death Knight, Warrior or Paladin)
  • Get your Shadow’s Edge and forge it with every quest you’re completing
  • Complete the whole questline and farm required materials

How to start Shadowmourne quest?

The first quest is The Sacred and the Corrupt. It is available from Darion Mograine just for players that have reached Friendly reputation rank with The Ashen Verdict.

What are Shadowmourne stats?

  • The legendary axe causes 954-1592 damage per 1 hit
  • Attack speed is 3,7 seconds (344,05 damage per second)
  • It has 3 slots for red gems
  • Increases stamina on 198 and strength on 223
  • Increases critical strike rate by 114, armor penetration by 114
  • Passive ability is Soul Fragment. With every successful melee attack player has a chance to increase strength by 30. Effect stacks up to 10 times. On 10 stacks, it deals 1900-2100 split shadow damage to all the enemies within 15 yards and additionally increases the main stat on 270 for 10 seconds. Passive ability proc chance is 22%
  • Durability is 145 points

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