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    Bangalore Prestige Skin
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  • Bloodhound Prestige Skin
    Bloodhound Prestige Skin
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  • Caustic Prestige Skin
    Caustic Prestige Skin
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  • Revenant Prestige Skin
    Revenant Prestige Skin
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  • Valkyrie Prestige Skin
    Valkyrie Prestige Skin
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  • Wraith Prestige Skin
    Wraith Prestige Skin
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Apex Legends Prestige Skins are mythic appearances that are available for the strongest and the most skilled game champions. It’s not only a unique customisation option, but also a way to show your skills to other players. Less than 25% of gamers obtained those appearances at this point. “Mythic” means that getting them is not an easy task- it takes a lot of time and effort. That’s exactly why many Apex Legends gamers consider purchasing a boost in order to get it as fast as possible.

There are millions of gamers and only 24 Legends in Apex. Customisation options are limited, and it’s not easy to make your character unique, but all playable models have different additional appearances. Though, not all of them have mythic skins. Here is a table to check it.

Champion’s Name: Mythic (Prestige) Skin Name:
Mad Maggie
Bangalore Apex Commander
Wraith Apex Voidshifter
Valkyrie Apex Interceptor
Revenant Apex Nightmare
Bloodhound Apex Hunter
Caustic Apex Contagion

Prestige Skins in Apex Legends are a rare reward, which is definitely not available for everyone. A gamer must maintain a certain character in order to get it, which is not so easy. Carrying with the same champion until it finally farms the skin is not always an interesting activity. Besides, a player has to know how to deal decent damage, otherwise it might take too long. Considering seasonal meta changings, most players prefer to make it fast and simple, by purchasing a boost in our store.

Prestige Skin Apex Farming

There is only 1 way to get mythic appearances in the game – deal damage. Each set has 3 tiers, which unlock after a certain point. For example, to get to the last tier, gamers need to deal 100k damage, receive Heirloom shards, and purchase it from the store. Our boosters know the way to farm the biggest amount of DPS during a match, and here are some of the best tips to increase it and farm Prestige skins during round carries:

  • Check the dropping spot carefully. Some champions prefer to drop to the hottest spots right after the start in order to gain resources and deal some damage. However, it decreases the chances of surviving drastically, since there are a lot of enemies who do the same. It is better to set the right gameplay from the start, so check carefully where you land.
  • Start fighting immediately. After you pick up the weapon, rush immediately to the battles. Waiting too long results in half of teams dying, and getting good results afterwards is a tough task. Most players who die in the start are not too challenging enemies, but a good way to farm some DPS. Get involved at every single stage of the game.
  • Survive for as long as you can. Even though our boosters suggest carrying the games aggressively, it is still essential to stay alive in order to perform better. Again, do not hide, but be sure that everything is under control. This way, your legend deals better damage anyway.
  • Select the right legend. Each character in Apex is different, has its own roles and special utilities. Struggling with 1 legend? Do not waste the time on mastering it. try other ones, even if it’s not the current meta. It may be the key to increasing DPS and getting mythic skins.
  • Thirsting. Shooting enemies down is not easy, but it pays off. Check if there are any enemies next to you and kill them while they are falling down. After this kill, a legend automatically gets 100 additional damage points.

Those are just a few tips which help your boosters to carry every round in Apex and farm DPS for prestige skins unlocking. They’ve played throughout multiple seasons and know exactly how to benefit from every round. Purchase an apex boost, see how they dominate every run, learn helpful mechanics and strategies on any character and receive any mythic prestige appearance.

All Apex Prestige Skins

Even though not every legend has its own mythic set, the amount of champions who may own it gradually grows. By obtaining it, gamers not only get a new skin for their main character, but also a special animation, which unlocks after tier 3. Those animations are greatly detailed and show off special powers of the legends.

6 champions which have access to prestige skins in Apex are not always an S-tier meta, but decent at least. Here is a brief description of them:


She is a default character who uses smoke bombs and missiles to attack, which makes her an interesting stealth champion. It is hard to oppose her ambushes and fast movements. The most interesting part of her prestige appearance is a gauntlet with a fire blade that she uses to finish her enemy.


This legend is a Skirmisher, but also a good supporting character, because of her abilities to help the teammates. She is using void magic in order to become invincible or even teleport the whole team to safety. Besides that, her other ability allows all partners to hear when there is danger nearby. Her prestige skin gives her neat electric blue whips.


She is not a default character, and has to be unlocked for Legend tokens. Apex gamers obtain it by boosting their account level. Her mechanic is interesting- she flies to the sky to attack enemies, and can also take the team up too. She rains missiles from the sky on her foes. With a prestige appearance, she uses feather-like blades to kill an enemy.


He is a skilled hunter- he tracks down other players on the map and shows them to the teammates. He also has an ability to see hidden things, like traps and stealth opponents. He also has a speed boost and rushes quickly to his goal. Tier 3 set gives him a plasma blaster that melts anything and anyone.


This champion is also unlockable by tokens, and he is the most expensive one from this list by now. It’s a toxic champion by all means- fighting him is a challenge. He uses toxins and gasses to poison opponents, sets venomous traps, and has a toxin-filled grenade that explodes with a great AOE-damage. His prestige appearance is greatly detailed, and besides hiding his face behind a skull mask, lets him shoot acid like some poisonous flower.

Those 6 apex legends are completely different, with various abilities and mechanics. Their prestige skins correspond to their lore and add unique subtleties which not everyone can boast of. Of course, maining a certain legend in Apex may be tiring, especially when it comes to dealing 100k damage, with 2k-4k/per a match being a very successful carry. That’s when gamers need our boosters! With the help of professional teammates, even such a difficult task can be done quickly and easily.

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