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20 Kill Badge Apex Legends

20 Kill Badge in Apex Legends game is a reward that players achieve for annihilating 20 enemies during 1 match. This is the kind of challenge where every passing minute is a problem, because other players are not only trying to kill you, but they also are killing each other. Apex players usually have a good tactic and perform decently, but they still don’t get enough kills because there are not enough enemies left. Beside that, there are plenty of factors that make achieving this badge very difficult.

Our boosters have completed 20 kill badges in Apex Legends on many accounts throughout Seasons. Right now, they have this service for sale, and are ready to perform it for any customer who is willing to pay. Our team completes a lot of carries everyday, without spending much time.

How buy Apex 20 Kill Badge Boost

There are different reasons why players consider buying an Apex Legends 20 Kill badge boost from our PlayCarry store. Some gamers feel like it makes their account look more professional, like it belongs to a really good player. But many of them doubt if it is worth trying, since it seems very hard to do.

With the help of the boosters, it can be done during 1 single match, without spending weeks on trying and learning tactics. Buying 20 kill badge boosts in Apex Legends saves customers both time and nerves. No more rage-quitting teammates, failed attempts, or boring guides. Select a service and start your perfect carry right away!

How to get 20 Kills Badge Apex Legends

The best and easiest way to get a 20 Kills badge in Apex Legends game is to get some help from a professional and skilled player. There are strategies of obtaining this achievement, and a decent gamer knows the best of them. Here are some general advice our booster use while getting 20 kills:

  • Choose the right legends and weapons. For solo players, the easiest way to complete this task is to pick any character that moves freely around the map. To decimate 20 enemies, it is important to move around the map and check where the most players are. Those champions who play in teams, may use legends like Ash in order to know the death box locations and tell the whole team to get there. Being in a team while completing such a challenge is also a good idea. Random teammates usually lack communication and tend to act selfishly. The best weapon for 20 kills is any gun with close-mid range.
  • Play aggressively. Do not wait and hide for too long- obviously, the weakest enemies die by that time, and you lose some possible points. Start fastly, and don’t be shy to steal kills. It is not really morally correct, but it is acceptable in terms of getting a desired badge. Landing should also be done in a place where a lot of other people land, in order to get 3-5 kills from the start.
  • Do not waste the time on looting. This badge has to be done fast- if a champion doesn’t carry quickly, there will simply be no enemies left. Loot the chests near the landing spot, but after that moment, only pick death boxes up. This saves a great amount of time.

Getting Apex Legends 20 kills badge is not that simple for players. It requires knowing all the subtleties and thinking about every step. There is no way to cheat, or find a dupe or a glitch that makes this process easier – it can only be done by professionals. PlayCarry boosters offer this kind of carry for sale at the lowest price. Contact us to buy it anytime!

20 Kill Badge
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20 Kill Badge Apex Legends
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