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Apex Legends Ranked Boost is an in-game service which allows players to increase their tier and reach a certain place on the competitive PvP ladder. Ranking boost can help gamers progress significantly quicklier and more efficiently on any part of the rating: from Rookie to Predator. Our professional teammates can help anyone on their way to the desired rank- we are ready to start anytime!

Ranking system in Apex Legends is designed to display gamers’ skills and ability to survive with the best results. Tier is also really important when it comes to matchmaking: the gaming algorithm uses it in order to connect players with the same results. The higher your title is- the better teammates you get, which is a great way to learn new tactics and gain priceless experience. Apex Legends Rank Boosting grants customers with that possibility and guarantees the best results!

Boosting Ranks in Apex Legend is a very specific task that can only be done by professional gamers. Luckly, PlayCarry has a vast team of boosters with top ranks like Master or Predator experience. Rely on us with such an important task- carrying your account, and be sure to receive the best boosting service!

Boost Apex Legends Ranked Leaderboard

Since Apex Legend is a battle royal game, the main point of the matches is to stay alive until the end and deal as much damage as possible. While boosting accounts in Apex Legends, our gamers use the newest and best tactics on all available characters. This allows them to achieve the best results in any arena every season. What does a beginner need to be this good? We’ve put together a few basic tips from our boost experts.

  • Keep up with the current meta and tier list. Even though the game is mostly balanced and most of the legends can perform decently, some of them work better on certain maps. For example, characters with defensive abilities are great for locations with a lot of buildings. Also, the right weapons and items gives you better stats and dominance in the arena.
  • Shooting is an important skill for boosting a tier in Apex Legends. Practice your aim while having some free time, with the help of special programs and trackers. With a good reaction and aim players can be sure that they stay in high-level rank positions even after the season split.
  • Communicate with your squad while playing in a party. It is crucial to increase your chances to carry, win and farm some ranked points. Communication is a key to success in every multiplayer, so make sure to check important information from the teammates during the match, and share it as well.
  • Analyze your game to draw conclusions and track progress. Evaluate your mistakes and tactics, oversight plays a big role in carrying a high rating. You can also discuss each match with the team to avoid repeating mistakes and clarifying problems.

Gamers use different strategies and tactics to carry the top rank and receive rewards. Still, it takes time to train enough, especially considering the fact that default teammates at the first tiers are weak. With Apex Rank boost, players skip this not-so-exciting part and move to the real competition and try their luck to get on the leaderboard.

How does Apex Ranks Boost work

Even though boosting on battle royale looks troubling, our service works fairly easy. PlayCarry team worked hard to think through every step and make it as easy as possible for our customers. Together with professionals, we enhanced our approach and now we can present how Apex Ranks Boost works. Follow those simple steps, or simply contact live-chat customer support to receive clearer instructions.

  1. Choose the desired tier. Remember: the higher the rank, the more interesting and difficult each game will be. PlayCarry operators are online 24/7 in order to prompt with a choice if it is difficult to make a decision.
  2. Purchase the needed carry. The price varies depending on your current and desired rating.
  3. Share the Apex Legend account with the booster. Due to the specifics of the service, it can only be performed using account sharing. Despite this, our boosters do their best to guarantee maximum safety. We use a VPN connected to your country and also do not perform any prohibited actions on your account.
  4. Wait until the carry is done. ETA depends on the character’s current and desired tier and the amount of the available PlayCarry boosters.
  5. Enjoy the results and the new top rank.

After spending some time in the game and considering a boost, Apex Legends players may wonder how it works. In fact, in PlayCarry this process is simplified as much as possible. With the help of our customer support, any gamer gets the best service on the market at a cheap price. Contact us any day 24/7, get an instant response and enjoy the quality of our service!

Apex Season Ranking Distribution System

The Season Distribution System in Apex Legends is a simple but really essential part of gameplay. At the start of each season, players are getting a ranking based on their previous match carries. As gamers play, they either obtain or lose ranking points. Each tier has 4 sub-ranks to display the performance more accurately. Apex Legends gamers must maintain a certain amount of points to stay in the particular tier.

The player’s level of skill increases with each tier. If Rookie or Bronze can carry by being good at shooting, it’s not enough on the higher parts of the ladder. There, gamers need to be able to navigate well in different situations, know tactics and have a strong team. The best players get to the Predator – top 750 accounts among each region, which also is only 0,1% of all participants.

Apex Legends Season Rank Distribution System adds a competitive aspect to the game. Some players want to progress through the ladder to show off to their friends, some want to receive exclusive in-game rewards, and some just enjoy the company of more skilled gamers. Regardless of your final goal, PlayCarry is ready to perform a boost that fits your specific needs!


When does Apex ranked reset?

Apex Legends ranked resets every time a season ends, which usually happens every 3 months. With a new season being launched, players usually lose some ranking points, and have to complete a few matches to determine their starting tier for this season. Beside that, a reset also adds a new map and usually a new legend to shake the meta and make matches more interesting.

What ranks can play together in Apex Legends?

Players of different ranks can play together, but there are some conditions. Gamers of the same tier but different sub-ranks can queue to one match. However, it is impossible to play together with 1 full tier difference. For example, Bronze II can play with Silver II, but Bronze I wouldn’t be able to play with them. Also, top ranks Master and Predator can only queue with themselves.

How to solo queue in Apex ranked?

Solo queuing in Apex Legend is pretty simple. Players just need to press the start button with 2 vacant places besides them, and the match will start. However, playing solo in battle royale may be a challenging task. For example, teammates heal each other and make survival much easier. Gamers should be skilled and prepared to get good results without the help of the team.

What is the next ranked map in Apex Legends?

To find out which ranked map is next in Apex Legends, gamers can check current map rotation. In the next 16th Season, there will be 3 maps: Broken Moon, Storm Point and Olympus. There will also be a new feature- the maps will rotate every 24 hours. This means, climbing the leaderboard will be an even more challenging task, since now Apex Legends players will have to master all 3 maps to win.

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