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Apex Legends Badge Boosting is an in-game service which allows gamers to achieve and collect various badges in Apex. Badges are unique achievements, which display players’ skills and accomplishments. Our carry service provides customers with professional teammates. They know strategies, mechanics, and the best methods of winning matches, which are the most important part of farming tokens.

Achievements are obtainable through various challenges or completing different tasks. For example, some badges are granted for dealing a lot of damage, killing a certain amount of enemies, or winning matches. However, some challenges are incredibly difficult to finish and require a lot of time, dedication and concentration. There are also some time limited tokens, usually during celebrations like April fools or Valentine’s day. At this point, many Apex Legends gamers consider buying a boost.

Want to make your account unique and recognisable? Purchasing a Badge boost in Apex Legends is a great way to save yourself some time. Our team of skilled boosters is glad to help you get any needed achievement and let you show it off to your friends and other gamers. Purchase a needed carry and enjoy a new addition to the collection!

Buy Rarest Apex Legends Badges

Farming the rarest badges in Apex Legends is the main activity for some of the players. These achievements serve as a testament to your mastery of the game. We understand how hard it is to unlock a particular badge- that’s why PlayCarry is ready to provide a reliable solution. Here is a list of rarest achievements in Apex, which the boosters perform on a daily basis.

  • The absolute rarest token is the Predator ranked reward. Apex Legends players from all around the world compete each season to climb the ladder and get to the highest ranks like Platinum, Diamond, Master, and Predator itself. The higher the rank, the fewer people play there, and, accordingly, the rarer is the token. There are only 750 players of the highest rank, so getting this achievement is clearly one of the hardest things in Apex Legends. Buy our service to be among them as fast as possible!
  • Wrath IV is one of the badges players get by dealing a certain amount of damage. This particular token is granted after dealing 4k in a single game. Such an amount of dps is impressive, and is a great way to demonstrate a shocking skill. PlayCarry boosters can perform 4k damage with any legend of tier list!
  • Wake achievement is obtainable by killing 20+ enemies in a single game. Reaching this kill mark is a sign of professionalism and dominance in a match. While some Apex Legends players struggle with killing a few others, you will always be a top priority when it comes to teamplay.
  • Triple Triple is more about luck, dedication and attention, than about skill. A player is supposed to kill 3 members of 3 squads within 1 match. To get the token, you need to be very attentive and be able to track down and defeat opponents. However, boosters have done this enough times already to be able to demonstrate it on your account.

Our boosting site is a perfect place to buy rarest Badges from Apex Legends. No matter how challenging and difficult the goal is, we will carry the matches until it is reached. Whether is is the dealt damage badge, or something more specific like collecting Monster Energy codes, you can rely on us when it comes to boosting!

Apex Legends Ranked Level Badges

Every season Apex players get a chance to get a unique trophy – a ranked badge. Starting from Season 17, it only happens once a patch, when the season starts. Gamers have to take part in 10 carries and show their best performance in order to get a unique achievement and start off as high-ranked champions. After getting their first rank, players receive a badge, which is usually called “You’re Tiering Me Apart” for each title up to the one they’ve got. Here is an example of it from Season 17:

Platinum tier badge
Platinum tier badge

After placement matches, champions begin to compete and climb up the ranked ladder. Since that moment, the games become harder to win and the enemies are much more skilled, which makes it hard to go on and get all the unique badges during the ongoing season. The most popular titles in Apex are Bronze II and III, the biggest number of gamers staying there. Starting at this point, it is pretty difficult to get higher. Here is a table that shows the division of participants in ranked matches:

Ranked Level Badges boost gives our customers many benefits in Apex Legends. Not only does it provide them with a unique reward and title, but also moves their account to any point of the ranked level. Besides that, with a streaming option, they can check how the boost is going, and learn helpful strategies from the best players. Do not hesitate to ask online support any question and purchase a perfect carry right away!

Apex Prestige Badges

Since the 14th season of Apex, Respawn Entertainment added the prestige system to add new possibilities to the game. After this update, level cap remained 500, but players could get it, in fact, 4 times. Prestige unlocks after reaching lvl 500 and has 3 tiers. Each tier adds a specific account badge which shows skills and progress. The default account color is white, but those badges change it to green, blue, and then red. Having a red color is considered an indicator of strength and proficiency.

Our boosters have carried various Apex accounts up to the highest prestige badge. They know exactly how to get lots of exp points as fast as possible and reach any needed height. Getting Tier 3 is indeed a challenge, because of how long it takes to complete tasks that are harder each time. However, with the help of professional gamers, it can be done quickly and efficiently.

Apex Badges Legendary Boost Options

To improve the personalized customer experience on our website, we have added various options for Apex Badges Legendary Boost. Each client is unique and has their own needs and requests, and our team will be happy to help you achieve the desired token exactly the way you want. Gamers can check out the different options on the Badges page. Here is a brief description of available additions:

  1. Stream. Most Badges services in Apex Legends can only be done through account sharing, since they are personalized. This means that a booster logs in to the customer’s account and does a carry on his behalf. Of course, we use VPN and all needed safety measures to prevent any negative consequences. Stream option allows you to observe the whole boosting process with a discord stream and learn professional strategies.
  2. Discount bundles are a great way to save some money by buying multiple carries. For example, purchasing 1 badge creates a free 10% discount on the second one, if they are purchased at once. The third one will have a 20% discount, and so on. We care about all customers, and want to make the best offers for them!
  3. Self play is also possible in particular cases. If you are too scared of sharing your account info, there are some achievements that can be done by just having a skilled gamer in your premade team. Also, skilled players pick that option if they just lack a decent teammate to complete some group token.
  4. Express is a common option for all our services. Since we are a popular boosting site, there always are some orders in the queue. Wait list can be long, depending on
    the needed carry and amount of boosters at the moment. To skip the boring waiting part and start right away, Apex players can pick this option and jump to the very beginning.

Options for legendary Badges in Apex boosts provide our customers with a convenient way of completing a carry and getting a desired achievement. We are trying to make Apex Legends services easy and accessible for anyone who is interested in purchasing a carry. Getting a token has never been that easy and accessible!

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