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Account Leveling Apex Legends

Apex Legends Account Leveling is a process of farming xp and upgrading level with the help of professional boosters. There are 500 ranks in the game, but a player doesn’t reach the cap after getting there. Accounts have 3 more prestige tier levels, with 500 milestones in each, so it makes a total of 2000 lvls.

High rank shows other players its owner’s skills and mastery. Each tier changes the xp badge, which is visible for everyone. Besides that, by leveling up, gamers receive helpful materials, like crafting metal, and currency, like legend tokens and apex packs. Crafting metal is very precious for collectionists, since it’s the main source of legendary skins and appearances. The apex packs are chests that contain a random cosmetic item of any tier, even legendary. It may also be a character or weapon skin, a charm, an emotion, etc. Legend tokens are the only way of unlocking some of the champions from the shop.

Leveling an account in Apex Legends becomes a hard challenge at the certain point, where farming xp starts taking a significant amount of time. Gamers who want to increase their level as fast as possible without spending all of their time in the game, buy a carry from skilled boosters of PlayCarry. With years and seasons of experience, we know exactly how to boost any account fast and efficiently.

Account Level Boost Apex Legends

Progressing through the lvl system may not be as fast even for skilled players. It takes weeks and months of playing and performing decently. There are a few tactics of boosting an account in Apex Legends faster. Those are advice that help our boosters get the most xp from each carry. Here are some of them:

  • Check how to get experience throughout the Apex match and pay attention to your actions. For example, champions get 25 points for reviving a teammate. There is a way to farm ~25K XP/hour with a team with Crypto, Loba and Pathfinder. By working together and doing the right tasks,and then falling from the map, they can revive each other with drones and boost their account rank. Other ways are more simple- gamers get xp every second while they are alive, for winning, for becoming a champion squad, etc.
  • There are several ways to get +XP buffs in Apex Legends. Premade teams gain additional 5% while carrying a match. Also, the owners of prestige battle pass always have a +10% buff, and sometimes, during some events, they get even more.
  • Making more kills and dealing more damage also helps. Each kill grants 50 experience points, and the first kill of the day adds 500. Farming damage points, where each of them gives 0,25 exp, is also a good way of leveling up fast.

Account level boost is available on sale for every Apex Legends player who is interested in increasing their xp amount and getting some resources. Our staff works everyday to provide the best services. Contact our live support to receive helpful consultation and buy your carry! All rewards and benefits of having a high rank are closer than they’ve ever been.

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Account Leveling Apex Legends
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