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Provisional Matches Apex Legends

Provisional matches in the Apex Legends game are the introductory stage that determines a player’s league and division in the ranked ladder. These placements consist of 10 games. Every round greatly impacts the final gamer position.

The Apex ranked system tries to determine the skill level of the legends to match them in a Provisional game against players with similar statistics. That’s why we offer rated game fans assistance from our professional PlayCarry boosters. This guarantees the client a higher position in the ranked ladder right from the start.

How do Provisional Matches work in Apex Legends

Apex Legends gamers unlock the ranked queue after reaching the 50th level on their account. Right after this, the system offers the player to play 10 calibration matches and receive their rank. From this rating, the champion will continue to battle for higher positions in the leaderboard.

However, the average players’ win rate is 36%. It means that you risk joining the same or even a lower league and division in the new season. It’s the main reason why we recommend starting with our boosting services.

Apex boosters usually play with 70-100% win rate in Provisional Matches. We do not use cheats or hacks to achieve the best results. This ensures the safety of your account during order execution.

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