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Battle Pass Leveling Apex Legends

Apex Battle Pass Leveling is an in-game service which allows gamers to score the points faster and receive all possible rewards during a season. Battle Pass is a main source of legendary unique cosmetic items, such as skins for champions and weapons, animations, charms, etc. Boosting it is the best way to make your account stand out and add some customization. Besides that, it is even possible to buy next season’s event by completing the current one!

Leveling Battle Pass in Apex Legends has many benefits and offers decent rewards. However, the process of carrying through all of those levels is not fast or easy, and it gets harder with each step. There are different ways to do that, and our boosters from the PlayCarry store are ready to help! Our professional players are 24/7 online to assist customers with progressing through levels from any point to a needed result.

Battle Pass Level Boost Apex Legends

In Apex, players progress through Battle Pass by leveling their account up or by completing different kinds of tasks and challenges. Farming lvls is not a very fast way to farm points, since it takes 10 of them to receive a reward. Challenges are much faster, but they get much more difficult after a while. There are 3 types of those quests- daily, weekly and event. Usually, they are repeatable, here are some examples:

  • Score a certain amount of damage. This can mean DPS in one match, or a total amount from games.
  • Carry a match with a certain legend and perform it’s ultimate ability in a needed way. Usually, such missions also require playing multiple times with the same character.
  • Kill the needed amount of enemies in ranked matches. Sometimes, this needs to be done with a specific weapon in order to be complete.

Those are just a few examples of some challenges in Apex. There are many more, and some of them are difficult for gamers who don’t know how to carry matches with all of the champions or simply don’t have enough time. For those who want to receive all rewards without spending too much time, PlayCarry offers battle pass level boost.

How much does Apex Battle Pass Cost?

There are 2 types of the event in the game. The first one is free- it is available for everyone who plays, but the rewards are not so great. There are only rare and epic appearances and not a lot of in-game currencies. Players who purchase premium get more possibilities. For example, they have enough materials to craft legendaries. For completing a premium event, gamers also get Apex coins which they can spend on buying a new one for the next season.

Apex Battle Pass costs 950 coins, which is approximately $10. It is very beneficial for gamers who complete it- not only they receive around 100 unique rewards, but also a guarantee that they will do it again next season! There is no way to cheat in this system, so buying a boost is the best possible idea to pass.

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